Biden to Zelensky: ‘Here’s More Cluster Bombs To Kill Ukrainian Kids for Decades to Come’

During his US visit, Ukraine President Zelensky scored a multi-million dollar bundle of cluster bombs to affix to his US supplied Abrams tanks in his war with Russia.

Over a hundred countries have signed on to the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions which prohibits manufacture, stockpiling, transfer and use of such grotesque weapons. They have a high failure rate upon detonating that end up killing unsuspecting civilians for decades afterwards. The US has not because it needs those cluster bombs to wage perpetual war round the world.

President Biden pretends to be a friend to Ukraine. But it refusing to allow negotiations to end the 19 month long war and giving over a hundred billion in weapons including those cluster bombs, to prolong the war, Biden is no friend to Ukraine.

President Zelensky should adhere to the paraphrased truism: “Beware of Biden Bearing Cluster Bombs.”

Walt Zlotow became involved in antiwar activities upon entering University of Chicago in 1963. He is current president of the West Suburban Peace Coalition based in the Chicago western suburbs. He blogs daily on antiwar and other issues at

7 thoughts on “Biden to Zelensky: ‘Here’s More Cluster Bombs To Kill Ukrainian Kids for Decades to Come’”

  1. The US has been giving Israel cluster bombs for years, now it is giving them to Ukraine. They will damage Ukraine’s already damaged environment. It could become a bigger disaster than the accident at Chernobyl.

    1. Two lousy actors bouncing rhetoric off each other. Add one more and we get the modern three stooges.

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