Nothing Screams Christian Values Like Massacres and Mass Weapons Sales

Reprinted from Bracing Views with the author’s permission.

Roughly half of President Biden’s recent budget request for more than $105 billion for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and border security is dedicated to weapons sales. Nothing screams Christian values like massacres and mass weapons sales.

Speaking of massacres, Aaron Maté has a powerful article on Gaza and the U.S. role in facilitating Israel’s destruction of the same. Here’s an excerpt:

According to Save the Children, the number of Palestinian children killed in just three weeks has already surpassed the annual number of children killed across the world’s conflict zones since 2019. “Gaza has become a graveyard for children,” a UNICEF spokesperson says. “It’s a living hell for everyone else.” In a statement demanding a ceasefire, seven UN special rapporteurs now warn that “the Palestinian people are at grave risk of genocide.”

I remember when Sting got into trouble in the 1980s for singing that the Russians love their children too. Is it OK to say the Palestinians love their children too and would prefer that they not be obliterated by “Made in USA” bombs provided for free to Israel?

I wrote this just this morning to a friend who’s been taking fire because she believes the Palestinians in Gaza are human beings who shouldn’t be targeted for ethnic cleansing:

The Israel/Palestine issue is both complex and simple.  To keep it simple, we’re all human beings.  No group of people are “human animals.”  If any country should know the dangers of dehumanizing an enemy, it’s Israel.  Yet that’s precisely what Israel is doing.

There are plenty of Jews who are bravely denouncing Israel, but their voices are not being heard.  Meanwhile, the US government supinely serves the worst elements in Israel.  Our own government is complicit in ethnic cleansing, not that I’m surprised about this, given our nation’s history.

They say Dexter was a serial killer, but he’s got nothing on the jackals in the US and Israel who’ve already killed roughly 10K Palestinians with many more deaths to come.  (With apologies to real jackals.)

I’ve been writing to my senators and representative as well, imploring them not to vote for more murderous weaponry, whether for Israel or Ukraine (or anyone else). Just about all our politicians make noises about our country advancing Judeo-Christian values yet they conveniently forget about values like “thou shalt not kill” and “blessed are the peacemakers.”

It would be far better if the U.S. stood on the sidelines and did nothing, yet Congress and the President must show their “strength” by using taxpayer dollars to ship scores of billions in weaponry to facilitate mass murder. As they do so, they pat each other on the back for being strong while boasting of creating jobs for various weapons makers in the “homeland.”

That’s how perverted and twisted government officials are. They’d rather spend scores of billions on death overseas than help struggling Americans here at home.

We need to vote the warmongers out, except I can’t forget what Emma Goldman said about voting: “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

William J. Astore is a retired lieutenant colonel (USAF). He taught history for fifteen years at military and civilian schools. He writes at Bracing Views.

6 thoughts on “Nothing Screams Christian Values Like Massacres and Mass Weapons Sales”

  1. Rather eerie that just as Scott releases his book Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism we are being pitched into a state-led War on Terrorism 2.0. Read Fanon and Said, rinse, repeat.

  2. Christians’s hypocrisy. Most vocal and load anti-abortion activists are now the biggest supporters of mass killings of children.

  3. Dr. King said “ You can’t thingify anything without depersonalizing that something. If you use something to an end, at that moment you make it a thing and you depersonalize it. The fact is the Negro was a slave in this country for 244 years that act was a willful thing that was done. The Negro was brought here in chains treated in a very inhumane fashion lead to the thingification of the Negro.” By replacing the Negro in that comment with the Palestinians, instead of slave “occupied and oppressed people” , instead of 244 years, 75 years, instead of brought in chains “ Palestinian by th thousands where massacre by Zionist Jews in the creation of the State of Israel, this violence created and it’s on going violence has produced what is there today.

    1. Fully agree. This applies to the Earth, ecosystems, habitats, and all nonhumans also. That’s why people have no problem killing and destroying for their own benefit. This amounts to a failure to evolve mentally and spiritually. The foundation of spirituality is oneness, and if people felt at one with the Earth and all the life here, we wouldn’t be grossly overpopulated nor living unnaturally, as we have been for thousands of years (this goes way beyond industrial civilization, which is direct war against the Earth).

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