The People of Gaza Need a Ceasefire Now

It is imperative that there is a ceasefire now accompanied by a massive relief effort.

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The Biden administration is now admitting that the death toll in Gaza is likely much higher than the count from the local Ministry of Health:

A senior Biden administration official said the death toll of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip is likely far higher than the 10,000 number being reported by the health ministry amid Israel’s war against Hamas.

Barbara Leaf, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, told a House panel that those killed over one month into the war are likely “higher than is being cited.”

There are many Palestinian civilians that have been trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings that have not yet been included in the reckoning of how many people have been killed in Gaza in the last month. 10,000 dead in a month is horrifying, especially when we remember that most of those killed were women and children. There is good reason to think that the real total is significantly higher. That number is only going to increase as the bombing continues and starvation, dehydration, and disease begin claiming more innocent lives. Even before the war, the people of Gaza had inadequate water supplies, and now there is a severe shortage of clean water:

The conditions mean residents of Gaza have an average of three liters of water per person a day – for drinking, cleaning and other purposes, according to the U.N. In normal circumstances, daily personal water usage averages around 100 liters. Even in emergencies, the World Health Organization says that people should have access to a minimum of 15 liters a day.

If this war is allowed to drag on for months, the loss of innocent life will be staggering. There have already been so many children killed in just the last four weeks. An average of 130 Palestinian children have been killed every day of this war. The price of this war is already too high, and it is going to get so much worse if it is not halted now.

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