Ron Paul on Where Does the Antiwar Movement Go From Here, With Guest Dave DeCamp News Editor Dave DeCamp with the guest on today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Ukraine, Russia, Gaza, Israel… As the entire world seemingly goes up in flames, there is at the same time an antiwar movement struggling to break free. Censorship from the media and the “censorship industrial complex” is trying to strangle the messengers and bury the message. News Editor Dave DeCamp joins today’s Liberty Report to discuss coalition-building and getting the message out.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

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  1. I think people do tend to get emotional when they see thousands of innocent men, women, and children being slaughtered in what has been termed an open air prison. They are being deprived of food, water and electricity. Refugee camps and hospitals are being bombed. Premature incubator babies are dying because hospitals lack the electricity to save them. There is no doubt in my mind that Netanyanhu and his war (child killing) cabinet are guilty of crimes against humanity. If there was justice in this world they would all be hanged. Sames goes for his willing accomplices here in the United States that supply the Zionist child killers with the diplomatic cover and bombs to commit his crimes. There is little hope that any of these criminals will face justice in this world so we can only hope they burn in hell in the next.

  2. I need to make an apology and I don’t know where I should post it so I will do it here… In a moment of anger I insulted Iran. My sincere apologies. I am a peace activist and it is not my normal disposition to go around insulting ANYONE, sometimes my frustration and anger gets the best of me. PEACE TO ALL OF US. God Bless.

    1. Iran hasn’t attacked anyone in 500 years; we’ve tried to box them in and they’ve resisted that. Remember, if you’re not paying attention the media will have you condemning the victim and supporting the oppressor/instigator.

  3. We keep on keeping on like the money changing schemes of the global Bankster’s!

    October 24, 2023 Veterans For Peace Statement on Gaza

    On October 12, Veterans For Peace issued this statementabout the conflict between Hamas and Israel, in which we condemned the horrific violence on both sides, particularly the killing of civilians. We added our voice to the many calls for a ceasefire and negotiations toward a political solution because there is no military one.

    1. You are right. There is no military solution. Israel has the military. Also a few nukes ( someone in the Netanyahu administration suggested a tactical nuke in Gaza). So, you see, the Israeli administration has really no interest in getting the hostages back. Israel has managed to kill 5o of them already, as well as a bunch killed by Apache helicopters, tanks, IDF fire on 7Oct23.
      An interesting interview of Max Blumenthal of The Gray Zone by Chris Hedges:

    1. They are in Israel, but you will never view this in the CIA global media.

      Nov 6, 2023 Jews are JOINING anti-war protests with Palestinians and the media are HIDING IT

      The mainstream media is ignoring the pro-peace voice of Jewish people. But they exist! We bring you the diversity of thought that is speaking out about this war but you wouldn’t know it if you watch the news!

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