Conflicts of Interest: Is Support for Israel Hurting Biden’s Reelection Bid

On COI #502, Kyle Anzalone discusses the US-backed Israeli military operations in Gaza.

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8 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Is Support for Israel Hurting Biden’s Reelection Bid”

  1. I think its great! The problem is the assassination of JFK was a warning not to mess with the plans of the MIC, CIA, AIPAC, or else. Biden has been glued at the hip of Israel since at least 1973. He has these paid positions in his administration:
    Shelly Greenspan: White House liaison to the Jewish community
    Stuart Eizenstadt: Special Adviser on Holocaust Issues
    Ellen Germain: U.S. Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues

  2. It’s not the American people who choose who would be the president. Elections is just a make believe circus.

    1. The Electoral College and Media choose the president. If support for Israel is hurting Biden’s chances of being re-elected, it should hurt the other duopoly candidates chances of being elected. It should help Jill Stein, Cornell West or another Third Party Candidate that wants to end aid to Israel once and for all.

  3. I think a growing number of older Americans are joining young Americans in their disapproval of Biden’s war on Gaza.
    The 800 or so Israeli civilians killed on Oct 7 does seem to ring hallow when you compare it to other much larger massacres.

    The question that remains for me is, How will this war end? Will it only end once all the Palestinians are dead?

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