President Biden Has Morphed Into the Murder Monster

What is going on in the 81 year old soul of Joe Biden?

He looks out from his privileged life in safe America and sees about half of Gaza’s buildings turned into rubble. Over 14,000 mainly innocents dead with likely thousands more buried under the rubble. Food, water, medicine, electricity largely denied the 2.3 million Palestinians with over three quarters now refugees.

All of this enabled and supported by President Biden. He’s sent billions in weapons to Israel to complete the removal of Palestinians from Gaza.

Even the NY Times acknowledges the historical mass killing in Gaza. “People are being killed in Gaza more quickly, than in even the deadliest moments of US-led attacks in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, which were themselves widely criticized by human rights groups.”

They quote former former Pentagon analyst Marc Garlasco, “It’s beyond anything that I’ve seen in my career.” He cited Israel’s use of US 2,000 lb. bombs as being the worst use of superpower bombs in densely crowed areas “since Vietnam or World War II.”

But those two thousand pounders are not enough for Biden. He’s moved to lift restrictions on additional weapons to Israel prevented by government regulations. Current restrictions only allow transfer of weapons to Israel that are obsolete or surplus. Biden wants a blank check to send any weapons, surplus/obsolete or not. He also calls for reducing the concessions Israel must offer for such weapons, eliminate the 30 day waiting period for weapons transfers and scrap the $200 million annual cap on the US replenishing weapons transfers.

Pivoting to Ukraine, Biden is demanding another $61 billion in weapons for Ukraine. His first $113 billion simply extended the US proxy war against Russia for 20 months, causing hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian deaths. In one of the most murderous acts in presidential history, Biden torpedoed the Zelensky-Putin peace agreement in the first month of the war to ‘weaken Russia.’

Biden made one wonderful move for peace in his first seven months by ending our illegal and criminal 20 year Afghan war. In the 28 months since it’s been ocean of blood drowning Biden’s legacy and shaming America, possibly beyond redemption.

Walt Zlotow became involved in antiwar activities upon entering University of Chicago in 1963. He is current president of the West Suburban Peace Coalition based in the Chicago western suburbs. He blogs daily on antiwar and other issues at

19 thoughts on “President Biden Has Morphed Into the Murder Monster”

  1. The disgusting thing, is that the Republican and Democrat House and Senate, are supporting Biden. Our America is GONE!

    1. “Our America..”

      It was never “our” America. It has belonged to, and been controlled by, our rulers from the beginning.

  2. The only things “Sleepy Joe” is alert about are the wars in Ukraine and Gaza. He is a much bigger warmonger than our previous POTUS. He says “Israel has a right to defend itself”, he is denying that right to the Palestinians and anyone else Israel or the US wage war against.
    It’s good the NYT has come to its senses. I hope it stays there. They changed the way they report the news in the ME because of complaints that they were biased against Israel.

    1. I’m uncertain Trump would be better, but politically Trump would be more restrained.

      Maybe this is obvious, but a Republican can more easily grant amnesty to illegal migrants. A Democrat can more easily wage war.

      The opposition is less energetic in each case; it creates opportunity.

  3. “Biden made one wonderful move for peace in his first seven months by ending our illegal and criminal 20 year Afghan war”

    Hogwash, Biden delayed pulling out until we got our asses handed to us, we were supposed to be out earlier but he slow rolled it. Trump’s team pulled us out, at best Biden gets minor credit for not doubling down and starting the whole thing up again, but he didn’t End the War in Afghanistan, it was already over. If left on his own He’d have never done that either after all he was in the White House while Obama got three times as many soldiers and civilians killed in Afghanistan as Bush did. If anyone advised that he stayed or started it back up he’d have done it. He no more made the decision to pull out of Afghanistan than I did.

    1. Trump negotiated the withdrawal agreement — then failed to actually withdraw before the end of his term as he easily could have.

      Biden actually implemented — with undue delay — the agreement that Trump made and then didn’t follow through on.

      1. As part of the US–Taliban deal, the Trump administration agreed to an initial reduction of US forces from 13,000 to 8,600 troops by July 2020, followed by a complete withdrawal by 1 May 2021, if the Taliban kept its commitments.

        That would have been an orderly withdrawal with planning instead of leaving all of our weaponry there, to the benefit of the MIC to replace it.

        He didn’t follow through with the agreement because Biden was elected.

        1. He had two months between losing the election and Biden’s inauguration to go ahead and get it done.

          I’ve seen more than 8,600 troops moved in two days.

          The US moved half a million troops — with their weapons, equipment, vehicles, etc. — halfway around the world for Desert Storm in five months.

          And the US withdrawal plan apparently included leaving most gear behind for the US puppet regime to use. It’s easier and quicker to abandon a position than to establish one.

          1. Trump agreed to withdraw by Date X.

            After he lost the presidential election, he COULD have sped up the withdrawal timeline.

            He CHOSE not to do so, and to leave the mess for Biden to clean up.

            Biden shouldn’t have violated the agreed deadline.

            But other than that, nothing happened during the withdrawal that wouldn’t likely have happened anyway.

            Trump agreed to get US forces out of Afghanistan.

            Biden actually did get US forces out of Afghanistan.

            At which point every Republican instantly turned into a sore winner.

  4. Biden’s ‘wonderful move’ of getting out from the Afghan war was only to free his hands to launch a series of provoked wars around the world.

    1. Wasn’t his move to do that, it was Trump’s; however, Biden’s withdrawal methods were not well done.

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