Glenn Greenwald Interviews Rep. Thomas Massie About Gaza and Israel

From Glenn Greenwald’s “System Update”

Glenn Greenwald interviewed Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) about AIPAC Attacks, Israel-Gaza, Ukraine, NSA Spying, and More – How AIPAC Weaponizes Antisemitism to Crush Israel Critics.

10 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald Interviews Rep. Thomas Massie About Gaza and Israel”

  1. Glenn Greenwald gave a good interview to Thomas Massie. If Massie ran in the Republican Primary for President, he would be the best candidate but AIPAC would donate money to his opponents especially Trump.
    I don’t know where he stands on domestic affairs but he is good on foreign affairs. The US shouldn’t be funding wars and should not be imposing sanctions that only affect the people and not the governments in power.

        1. From what I can find, they are calling him this because he opposed the move to turn the last election over, and because he wouldn’t back Trump’s Covid Relief package (because the benefits didn’t go directly to the people, but was funneled through banks).

  2. Massie is a breath of fresh air. Totally honest, a solid critical thinker, and not one to be bullied by the special interests. We need many more in Congress like him- and I’m a New Yorker.

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