Conflicts of Interest: Did Biden Give Israel a Green Light for Genocide?

On COI #510, Kyle Anzalone discusses US weapons shipments to Tel Aviv as Israel commits atrocities in Gaza.

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11 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Did Biden Give Israel a Green Light for Genocide?”

    1. Donna, it will not happen. Things will come to a grinding halt when Israel’s “job” is done. Palestinians and that idea of that people are forgotten. U.S. and Israel will celebrate the climax of the “war”, seek American dollars to assist Israel of cleaning up the mess, then building highways that connect the new, pretty, Israeli townships. Billionaire’s ships will dock at the harbor that was once destroyed by Israel, now a wonderful dock for not just the billionaires, but Carnival Cruise ships. It will all be wonderfully wonderful. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new “Greater Israel”. Isn’t that grand? Palestinians? Who are they? Israel and the U.S. will respond with “just some dead terrorists”……………..

  1. Biden’s like a franchise coach looking at his team’s record and their upcoming matches. Grenada and Gulf War 1 were wins; Vietnam, Gulf/Iraq War II, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan were bumbling losses (at best, not-wins). Ukraine is almost certainly in the L column.

    If the USA wants a Wild Card spot into the World Series Super(power)Bowl, they need to pick up a Win in Gaza, maybe an easy contest by proxy in Yemen, siding with the IDF Blue-and-White Sox.

  2. The US has been giving Israel the green light to do whatever the hell it wants since 1948. AIPAC and the ADL are more powerful than the politicians of the duopoly parties. They have power over the Media and politicians. They do what Israel tells them to do and AIPAC donates money to the politicians closest to them.
    Biden portrays Israel as the victim and Gaza as the perpetrator when it is the other way around. Israel is blocking aid and killing civilians including women, children and the elderly.

  3. We can call names all day……Or, we can actually start to utilize PEACE.

    Put one foot, in front of the other……………………………………………………….

  4. Nobody warned American voters in 2020 that candidate Joe Biden was a warmonger zionist, ready to back up a genocide in Palestine to please his masters.

    1. Isn’t “liking” your own posts GREAT Carole Jean?…… I do it ALL THE TIME.EVERYONE SHOULD DO IT!

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