Conflicts of Interest: Biden’s War in Yemen Is Failing

On COI #547, Kyle Anzalone discusses Assange, the War in Ukraine, the Israeli onslaught in Gaza, and Biden’s failing war in Yemen.

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2 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Biden’s War in Yemen Is Failing”

  1. Biden wants to be seen as a war hero and is delusional to think he’ll be re-elected. He won’t get many votes from Arab Americans. Biden calls Putin a war criminal although he provoked him into starting the war in Ukraine. Biden is funding Israel’s genocide and war in Gaza.
    He says he wants a pause in the war so aid can get in but he wants the war to continue until the last Gazan is dead. Trump wants no pause and wants Israel to finish what it started.
    Most of the Media don’t talk about the war in Yemen that Saudi Arabia started years ago and most people don’t even know there is a war going on there. The US and UK are fighting Houthis who are fighting against Saudi Arabia’s war there. What Saudi Arabia is doing is also a genocide.

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