Conflicts of Interest: Will the Biden Admin Stop Sending Weapons to Israel?

On COI #564, Kyle Anzalone talks Julian Assange and Israel’s war on Palestinians.

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11 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Will the Biden Admin Stop Sending Weapons to Israel?”

  1. Not until after Biden gets reelected, if then. There is no way Biden dares to go against Israel. Their lobbies in US have a choke hold on our government. SAD as tRump would say. Although he would double down on supporting Israel also. That is how imbedded with US government the Israeli lobby is in America.

  2. Biden’s support for Israel is driven by a twisted religious ideology that affects many Christians even those
    who claim to secularists on every other matter.

    “ WASHINGTON, Oct 21 (Reuters) – When Joe Biden met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his war cabinet during his visit to Israel, the U.S. president assured them: “I don’t believe you have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, and I am a Zionist.”

    1. Since Biden professes to be Zionist would anyone attacking Biden be accused of being an antisemitic?

        1. It’s sad to watch as Zionism more & More seems to be a segregationist genocidal political ideology.of intolerance. Will they ever end up in the dock at the ICC or the

        2. I know that. But accusations of antisemitism has been levelled against many who oppose or criticize the ideology of Zionism by many who know better. That was simply a rhetorical question. You just jumped to conclusion about if I knew the difference.

          1. Sorry. Your answer was an answer to my supposedly question . It was more of giving a definition of two concepts and clarification. No need to be sorry.

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