Conflicts of Interest: Israel Intentionally Slaughtered Entire Palestinian Families

On COI #569, Kyle Anzalone breaks down the recent news from Gaza.

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6 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Israel Intentionally Slaughtered Entire Palestinian Families”

  1. Yes, Israel intentionally slaughtered entire Palestinian Families. Israel is more interested in destroying Gaza than getting the hostages released. Israel should release Palestinians in Israeli jails.
    Israel fabricates stories about Hamas committing rapes and Israel intentionally commits crimes to blame on Hamas.

    1. There is talk going around that there may be less than 40 hostages still alive. The Zionists running the government in Israel have not given one care about the hostages since 7Oct(when the Hannibal Directive was executed). Rather than negotiate, the Zionists have latched on to the mythical idea of the “greater Israel”, bombing not to kill Hamas, but to exterminate Palestinians or move them to the Sinai of Negev desert (to as to “clean up” the waterfront areas for Jared Kushner to develop), to die. The sick Israeli society (68%) are rabid about the prospects, cheering the execution of a Hamas leader’s sons and grandchildren. The 7Oct breakout disrupted the carefree lives of those Israelis, living on the other side of the walls/barbed wire separating them from the concentration camp. How dare that to have happened. Tragic as that action was, it was instrumental in that the expected reaction took the mask off of what Israel is.

  2. And,,,,,(drum roll please.zzzzzzzzz), Hamas may not have enough hostages to present (40) for any cease fire, Israel having killed so many by bombing, and other means. Hannibal Directive on a massive scale. Hamas, of course, will be blamed for the 2,000 bunker buster bombs Israel has be plummeting Gaza with. Neat plan by the Zionists. Keep up the bombing, without a cease fire to slow down “progress” toward the “final solution”. When it becomes known that there are less than 40, Israel will bomb some more, to be sure all of the hostages were dead, then the bombing, IDF soldiers, will step up things to bring the final total of Palestinian dead to 300,000+. The Rafah tent city will be subjected to an inferno.

  3. …and f’ing trump is forcing f’ing biden into war on israel’s behalf… i’m so sick of all this.

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