Conflicts of Interest: Blinken Says Israel Becoming Like Hamas

On COI #570, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman discuss the war in Gaza.

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8 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Blinken Says Israel Becoming Like Hamas”

  1. April 12, 2024 War and Peace in an Ocean of Lies. Does Anyone in Washington Care About Israel’s Crimes?

    Nevertheless, the record of high crimes committed by a series of presidents and their top aides since the so-called “war on terror” began has established a new low for government veracity. One would have thought that the fake intelligence fabricated by a group of Zionists in the Pentagon and White House to launch the misadventures in Afghanistan and Iraq would be as bad as it could possibly get, but the Joe Biden team has outdone even those unfortunately unindicted criminals by allowing itself to be maneuvered by friends in NATO and by Israel into situations that are one step short of nuclear war.

    1. There are a few Democrats in Washington condemning Israel’s actions in Gaza but they are not saying the USA should cut off aid to Israel. Bernie Sanders changed his tune because of the protests outside his office.
      I watched an interview with Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, he condemned what Israel is doing but he did not say that the USA should cut off aid to Israel, now Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts says Israel is committing genocide in Gaza but she did not say let’s cut off aid.
      Israel is more militant than Hamas on foreign affairs, Hamas wants to negotiate and Israel says “No”.

      1. Israel wants to negotiate but they negotiate like the US negotiates. Give us everything up front and we won’t kill you. Well, in Israels case, they still may kill you.

  2. That ship sailed long ago. Israel has no peers when it comes to terrorism. If what Israel has done to Gaza is acceptable than NO ONE can be accused of being terrorists any longer.

  3. Nov 17, 2023 What really happened in Israel on Oct. 7? w/Max Blumenthal | The Chris Hedges Report

    For all the sensationalism surrounding the events of Oct. 7, when Hamas broke through the Gaza fence and seized territory in the Gaza Envelope as part of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, there is still much that we do not know. The official Israeli death toll from the attack is estimated at 1,200 civilians, revised from an initial estimate of 1,400. Among this figure are several hundred civilians, which Israel says were killed by Hamas militants. Other testimony from survivors of Oct. 7 suggests an alternative explanation—that in its fervor to defeat Hamas, Israeli commanders may have willingly targeted and sacrificed Israeli soldiers and civilians in the crossfire.

  4. Another way of shifting the blame , and rationalizing Israel actions. As usual , the Palestinians made them do it. Israel has always acted the way It is acting now with or without Hamas.

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