Conflicts of Interest: Iran Attacks Israel In Response to Consulate Bombing

On COI #575 Will Porter and Kyle Anzalone discuss the war in Ukraine.

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7 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Iran Attacks Israel In Response to Consulate Bombing”

  1. Well, turnabout is fair play but, ya know, don’t destroy um and then we can get on our way because it really should be a totally new day, here, there and everywhere. Simplicity is always best!

    1. Israel has to respond now. Then, Iran will respond. Israel is trying to force the US into a conflict with Iran.

      Trump openly defends Israel. Biden at least questions it. So, things could get worse.

      This isn’t over Gaza. Israel wants Iran in ruins. It probably has other targets after Iran. This is about regional domination.

      If Iran endures, the US wants control over it.

  2. Israeli apologists are saying “it wasn’t an Embassy or Iranian territory; it was a rented building”. As if killing a country’s top officials and diplomats isn’t enough.

  3. Israel bombed the Iranian Consulate in Damascus. It wants a war with Iran and wants the NATO countries to get involved. If there is a war, Israel will figure out why previous presidents including Bush did not go to war with Iran.
    When Clinton was the president, the US bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade and said it was an accident.

  4. Iran Responds to Israel’s Attack* on Iran’s Consulate


    Iran Attacks Israel In Response To Consulate Bombing
    Conflicts Of Interest

    Conflicts Of Interest, nothing more; nothing less:
    Controlled Opposition
    dennis hanna
    *murder of 17 human beings!
    Iran Responds to Israel’s Attack* on Iran’s Consulate.
    true accurate:
    Iran Responds to Israel’s murder of 17 human beings in Iran’s Consulste

  5. Listening to the US media and politicians twisting the truth and lying with such straight face makes one wonder what planet they are on. They all are volunteering to send US citizens and money to fight the war that Israel has been looking for for so long.

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