Conflicts of Interest: Israeli Ministers Call for Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza

On COI #594, Kyle Anzalone breaks down the latest news from Israel and Ukraine.

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7 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Israeli Ministers Call for Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza”

  1. May 15, 2024 We’re Rising Up! #ArmsEmbargoNow By WorldBeyondWar

    Canada is STILL arming, funding, and legitimizing Israel’s genocide in Gaza. But communities across the country have been RISING UP to demand an immediate, two-way arms embargo to stop the flow of ALL military goods both to and from Israel. People of conscience from coast to coast are taking action to shut down ports, rails, highways and weapons factories, occupying their university campuses, disrupting the arteries of the economy, and forcing our government’s hand. We must continue to escalate.

  2. I am a bit tired this morning but, memory does not fail me, as I do remember, when the Jews were ethnically cleansed as well!… History certainly does repeat itself, and it astonishes, even me….

  3. And they would turn around and project what they wish and think of to do onto other people.

  4. A Palestinian man who had converted to Judaism was shot dead by an Israeli reservist near an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.
    David Ben Avraham, 63, who was born Sameh Zeitoun, was shot dead on Thursday morning after being searched by soldiers, who found a knife in his bag, according to Israel’s Ynet News.
    The knife was reportedly for self-defence purposes, and there was no suggestion he had used it to attack anyone at the time he was killed. The Israeli army said it was investigating the killing.

    “Nothing will come out of their investigation” . He is a Palestinian after all.

  5. Far-right activists stopped multiple trucks in the West Bank, unloaded cargo, deflated their tires and set them on fire. The Israel Police arrived at the scene and arrested no suspects

    They called them activists? Not extremists, not militants, not terrorists?

  6. The ethnic cleansing of Palestinians has never stopped .” Contrary to Zionist mythology, pre-state Zionist militias began their ethnic cleansing of Palestinian towns and villages months before the establishment of the State of Israel. The massacre and depopulation of the Palestinian village of Deir Yasin, for instance, took place on 9 April 1948.

    5 – Approximately 150,000 Palestinians remained inside what became Israel’s borders in 1948, many of them internally displaced. They were eventually granted Israeli citizenship but lived for years under military rule. To this day, Palestinian citizens of Israel live as second-class citizens in their own homeland, subjected to a system of apartheid enshrined in dozens of racist laws that discriminate against them.

    “ Perhaps one of the most graphic witness testimonials comes from Othman Akel:
    [Warning: Explicit descriptions of torture and violence. Click to skip]
    “I saw the Zionist terrorist soldiers ordering the bakery man of the village to throw his son in the oven and burn him alive. The son is holding the clothes of his father tightly and crying from fear and pleading to his father not to do it. the father refuses and then the soldiers hit him in his gut so hard it caused him to fall on the floor. Other soldiers held his son, Abdel Rauf, and threw him in the oven and told his father to toast him well-done meat. Other soldiers took the baker himself , Hussain al-Shareef, and threw him, too, in the oven, telling him, “follow your son, he needs you there”.

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