Kyle Anzalone on Judge Nap: Rundown

Check out Kyle Anzalone’s latest appearance on Judge Napolitano’s show, ‘Judging Freedom.’ The Judge asks Kyle about the top stories on

One thought on “Kyle Anzalone on Judge Nap: Rundown”

  1. Kyle Anzolone and Andrew Napolitano did a great job of talking about how the US and Israel are obstacles to peace. Taking the war in Ukraine to Russia's doorstep will lead to a third world war and so will other nations sending troops to Ukraine to fight Russia.
    Israel is also an obstacle to peace with its war and genocide going on since October 7 and it wants to expand the war to Lebanon, Iran and possibly other places.
    So many people protested nuclear weapons under Ronald Reagan and there should be even more protesters against NATO, the war in Ukraine and Gaza. They should take their protests to the White House, military bases and companies funding Israel such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing and Caterpillar.

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