Kevin Gosztola Interviews Dave DeCamp: War Drags On In Ukraine As State Department-Linked Group Blacklists Antiwar Opponents

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This week, Dave DeCamp, the news editor for and host of the daily podcast “Antiwar News”, appears on “Unauthorized Disclosure” to discuss the latest in the war in Ukraine and a list that a United States State Department-linked group put together, which smeared Antiwar News and hundreds of foreign policy experts, politicians, journalists, and media organizations.

David and Kevin describe the absurd nature of this list and particularly how it blames nearly 400 individuals and groups for stalling U.S. military aid to Ukraine. They additionally ask, why did this group put out a list now?

President Joe Biden’s administration has fueled escalations in the war by authorizing Ukraine to launch attacks against targets inside Russia with U.S. weapons. Given recent developments – and especially because groups like this State Department-linked NGO don’t want us to have this conversation, Dave and Kevin spend the rest of the episode discussing what is at stake as the war drags on.