An Important Message From Justin Raimondo

Shortly after delivering my latest column, I was asked to include a fundraising pitch.

I immediately rebelled against the idea: I had barely been able to write my column, given my physical condition, let alone anything extra.

Am I to be spared nothing?

I thought, as I struggled to catch my breath. I lay in bed trying to find a position where I wouldn’t cough incessantly, I thinking to myself: what if the fundraiser goes badly? What if … ?

And then, mercifully, sleep overtook me. I feel better this morning, and so here I am, at the same old stand, making the case for

We’ve been manning the barricades for the Peace Party online for over twenty years, fact-checking the War Party so you don’t have to, and holding up the propaganda that comes out of the "mainstream" media to the most rigorous scrutiny.

I don’t have to make the case for donating because it’s so glaringly obvious that to do so insults my readers’ intelligence.

No one else does the job we do. Nowhere else can you find the comprehensive coverage and fine-tuned fact-filled analysis of what’s happening in the world of foreign policy. And if you think that world has no effect on your life, think again – and remember the aftermath of 9/11, and the decades of war that followed.

Could it have all been avoided? Could things have turned out differently? Is there an alternative to our foreign policy of global intervention?

We ask – and answer – these questions every single day. But we can’t continue to do it without your financial support.

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‘Operation Endless War’? 17 Years In Afghanistan

We have passed the 17 year mark on the Afghan war and the Taliban control more territory than they have at any time since the launch. So for trillions of dollars, thousands of deaths, and 17 years of US government effort, “victory” is no closer than at day one. Does President Trump want out? Perhaps. But his neocon advisors have other ideas. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

How – and Why – We Do What We Do

Dear Readers,

Every day readers send fan mail and we are grateful for it. Thank you.

You know we appreciate it. Invariably, someone will ask "how do you do what you do?"

Usually I rattle off: With a shoestring budget, a core of loyal readers, and a small group of people who have made it their mission to end the violence that is endemic to U.S. foreign policy.

But that isn’t the full story.

I don’t take this daunting mission on alone.

Our News Editor, Jason Ditz, never sleeps. How could he? With USG intervention causing horrors for the people of Iraq, Somalia, Niger, Libya, the Philippines, Syria, Mali, and Yemen? With the militarization of the police state? Endless violations of our civil liberties? It would be too much for any mere mortal,but Jason isn’t a mere mortal. Our News Editor condenses and summarizes over 100 articles a day so we are never at a loss to explain the violence US foreign policy has caused all over the globe.

Our founder, Eric Garris, starts his work day at 6am and doesn’t stop until the page goes live at 9pm PT. He has done this every day for over 22 years — until the doctors said, NO MORE! Eric is finally taking part of Saturdays off (with constant nagging from me.)

When I tell him to slow down, He says, There are no days off from empire.

For the last 17 years the USG has been destroying, destabilizing, and occupying Afghanistan.

If you weren’t aware, our Editorial Director, Scott Horton, can tell you all about it. Scott spends days reading stacks of books, speaking to journalists, academics, and activists, and recording history in real time. It’s a thankless mission but one he does with grace.

Finally, our Editor-at-Large, Justin Raimondo, treats his cancer as he does the neoconservatives. Without pause or apprehension.

Why do we do it? Why would anyone do this? Behind many, many death counts are numerous stories. Many are stories of living breathing human beings just like you and me. They are people with hopes, dreams, and families who treasured them. Many of them were never a threat to the health or safety of any US citizen anywhere.

As for me, I have no tolerance for brutality. Give us the support we need to help Eric, Scott, Jason, and Justin sift through the best of the bad news.

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‘Maximum Pressure’ Is a Dead End

Originally appeared on The American Conservative.

Vali Nasr predicts that the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaigns against North Korea and Iran won’t succeed:

What North Korea is looking for is a step-by-step diplomatic process in which the United States offers concessions ranging from a declaration of peace on the Korean Peninsula to the lifting of economic sanctions. Instead, Trump’s national-security team is demanding full denuclearization before offering anything up in return. That looks to be what Washington has in mind for Iran as well.

Faced with this reality, Pyongyang or Tehran could see a benefit in resisting Washington’s pressure strategy.

The main flaw in the Trump administration’s approach to both states is that it pairs maximalist demands that the other side will never accept with “maximum pressure” tactics that depend on broad international support that doesn’t exist. Our government demands things that are politically impossible for any self-respecting government to agree to, and then sets out to punish the other side when it refuses to meet Washington’s absurd expectations.

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UN Rules Against US on Iran Sanctions; Pompeo Vows More Sanctions

The International Court of Justice, a UN body tasked with settling disputes, has ruled that parts of new US sanctions on Iran are illegal. Specifically, sanctions on humanitarian items, food, and spare parts for civil aviation. Washington has condemned the unanimous ruling and vows to ignore it. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.