Speaker Johnson Rolls Out MASSIVE Foreign Spending Bills

On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

The revolt against House Speaker Mike Johnson is picking up steam, as Johnson revealed plans to take several MASSIVE foreign spending bills to the floor this week. Tying foreign aid to protecting the borders at home – once a staple in Johnson’s rhetoric – has been tossed aside. Rep. Thomas Massie announced he would co-sponsor a bill to vacate the Chair – an ouster of Johnson.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

German Police Shut Down Palestine Conference

A three day Palestine conference in Berlin was forcibly shut down after three hours on Friday. Electricity was abruptly terminated in the midst of the presentation by Salman Abu Sitta, the 87 year old author of the authoritative “Atlas of Palestine”.

Former Greek Finance Minister and leader of DIEM25, Yanis Varoufakis, was prevented from entering Germany to attend the conference. He went on Twitter/X to send a message, “Do you know that the German Interior Ministry has just banned me from entering Germany? Indeed if that were not enough,  I have been banned  from talking to you via zoom, or indeed through a video message like this, exactly like this. The threat being that I will be tried in Germany for breaking German law. Why? Because of a speech that I published yesterday on my blog calling for universal human rights in Israel-Palestine… So my question to my German friends, to Germans in general whether you agree with me or not doesn’t matter… Is this (banning) in your name? Is it something that you feel comfortable happening in your democracy? From my perspective this is essentially the death knell of the prospects of democracy in the Federal Republic of Germany.”

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Lockstep US Support Fuels Conflict

The Iranian retaliation in response to Israel’s April 1 attack on their consulate in Damascus was unprecedented. It was the first direct attack on Israeli territory from Iran, and it was reportedly the largest drone attack on record.

The attack was also one of the most telegraphed military responses of all time. After almost two weeks of warnings that a response was coming, the Iranian government gave advance warning to Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq several days before the attack, and they gave Israel, the U.S. and other regional states hours to prepare. Tehran wanted to make a point without doing so much damage that it would be guaranteed to trigger a wider conflict. The response could easily have been worse and more destructive than it was.

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Ron Paul asks: Will Israel Escalate?

On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

After an unprecedented Iranian response to Israel’s attack on its embassy in Syria, pressure is building for Israel to retaliate against the retaliation. Biden officials are panicking at the thought of a wider Mideast war in election season. What happens next? Also today, a US General admits the truth about Russia’s war in Ukraine; after two years of US government lies.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.