Bipartisan House Amendment To Ban US Cluster Bomb Exports Fails

The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday rejected a bipartisan amendment to the 2024 military spending bill that would have prohibited the transfer of cluster munitions – which are banned under a treaty ratified by more than 100 nations but not the United States – to any country.

The House voted 160-269 on the amendment to next year’s National Defense Authorization Act co-sponsored by Reps. Sarah Jacobs (D-Calif.), Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), and Jim McGovern (D-Mass.). Seventy-five Democrats voted for the measure, while 137 voted “no”; 85 GOP lawmakers approved the amendment while 132 opposed it.

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‘The World Is at Stake’: Defuse Nuclear War Kicks Off Nationwide Week of Action

Activists from the Defuse Nuclear War coalition on Sunday launched a week of action to demand the U.S. government take steps to reduce the existential threat of thermonuclear annihilation, including by reinstating arms control treaties, shutting down hair-trigger missiles, and engaging in “genuine diplomatic efforts to end the war in Ukraine.”

Defuse Nuclear War is organizing around 40 events across the United States. Demonstrations are planned in Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Tucson, Fresno, and Salt Lake City, pickets are scheduled across Washington state, vigils are set to take place in Hawaii and California, activists plan to unfurl a banner at a Lockheed Martin facility in Pennsylvania, and an interfaith gathering will be held outside United Nations headquarters in New York.

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Netanyahu Shows Map of ‘New Middle East’ – Without Palestine – to UN General Assembly

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu angered Palestinians and their defenders Friday after presenting a map of “The New Middle East” without Palestine during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Speaking to a largely empty chamber, Netanyahuwhose far-right government is widely considered the most extreme in Israeli historyshowed a series of maps, including one that did not show the West Bank, East Jerusalem, or Gaza. These Palestinian territories have been illegally occupied by Israel since 1967, with the exception of Gazafrom which Israeli forces withdrew in 2005, while maintaining an economic stranglehold over the densely populated coastal strip.

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Slippery Speaker: McCarthy Sneaks Ukraine Money Into ‘Must Pass’ Military Bill

From today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

According to Politico, Speaker Kevin McCarthy has backtracked on his promise to Marjorie Taylor-Greene and other conservatives to keep the Ukraine money out of the “must-pass” defense bill. Will he even be able to bring a “stop-gap” spending bill to the Floor after infuriating the rebels? Also today… Nazis in Canada? Say it ain’t so!

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

Conflicts of Interest: Western Sanctions Fail to Stop Russia from Ramping Up Its War Machine

On COI #472, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman cover the latest on the war in Ukraine, the Middle East, and Julian Assange.

Kyle breaks down a report showing Russia’s ammunition production has doubled despite the US-led sanctions blitz, Kiev’s attack on Russian ships in Crimea with Storm Shadow cruise missiles provided by the UK, this week’s meeting between North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as Australian MPs demanding the US drop their charges against Assange.

Connor discusses upcoming major US-Israeli war drills eyeing Iran, Tel Aviv’s latest bombings in Syria, US backed militias’ continuing clashes in eastern Syria, Washington’s new strategic security pact with Bahrain, plus Tehran’s prisoner swap with Washington and what it means for further diplomatic opportunities with the Islamic Republic.’

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