‘Napoleon’ Macron: ‘Let’s Send NATO Into Ukraine!’

On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

French President Emmanuel Macron surprised European NATO members earlier this week by stating that it may be necessary to send NATO troops into Ukraine to fight Russia on a “bipartisan” basis. His European counterparts for the most part recoiled at the suggestion, with speculation about WWIII. Also today: Surprising poll on Gaza.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal: Next Evidentiary Video: Shock and Awe Episode 1

The Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal is holding accountable – through video testimony of witnesses – U.S. weapons manufacturers who produce and sell products which attack and kill not only combatants but non-combatants as well. Each week the Tribunal issues a new video segment offering evidence of guilt for the commission of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

The next evidentiary video of the Tribunal is an examination of Shock and Awe, the brutal invasion and bombing campaign against the people of Iraq facilitated by the four defendants in this Tribunal: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon (RTX), and General Atomics. The evidence presented here and in the weeks ahead will prove that these four defendants aided and abetted the U.S. government in the commission of War Crimes against Iraq. Narrated by Kathy Kelly – who was there during the bombing- this video is compelling evidence of guilt.

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The People of Gaza Are Being Deliberately Starved

The illegal and pointless U.S. war in Yemen continues:

The U.N. special rapporteur on the right to food Michael Fakhri charges Israel with the deliberate starvation of the Palestinians of Gaza:

“There is no reason to intentionally block the passage of humanitarian aid or intentionally obliterate small-scale fishing vessels, greenhouses and orchards in Gaza – other than to deny people access to food,” Michael Fakhri, the UN special rapporteur on the right to food, told the Guardian.

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Setting Yourself on Fire to Protest a War

Reprinted with permission from Greg Mitchell’s substack Between Rock and a Hard Place.

You may have read or heard about yesterday (if you were lucky, as the major media buried the story most of the day) that a senior U.S. airman named Aaron Bushnell, on active duty since 2020, doused himself with a clear liquid outside Israel’s embassy in Washington, D.C., and set himself afire, protesting U.S. support for what he called genocide in Gaza. “I will no longer be complicit in genocide,” he said into his phone. He died chanting “Free Palestine.” He also filmed the act on his phone, and excerpts or still images spread over social media. Memorial gatherings took place last night and are scheduled today in several cities here and abroad.

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Madmen Arsonists Strike Again

Aaron Bushnell just couldn’t take any more.

He couldn’t bear to see any more people eviscerated and incinerated by American bombs dropped by Israelis on innocent Palestinians.

So, in his Air Force uniform, he walked determinedly to the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C. and set himself on fire.

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