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Kim's Rockets Clear the Air: Pat Buchanan
Say 'No' to War Candidates: Daniel Ellsberg
Rove's Scheherazade Strategy: Chernus/Engelhardt
Another Red Herring: Charley Reese
Reality-Based Recommendations: Alan Bock

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Updated July 8, 2006 - 11:17 PM EDT
Gallup: Two-Thirds Want Iraq Pullout
Haditha Probe Reveals Marines' Coverup
US Offers North Korea Bilateral Talks
'I Was a Mouthpiece for the American Military'
Officials: Subway Plot Was 'Jihadist Bravado'
50,000 Dead, But Who's Counting?
Three US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Battle
Mother, Two Children Killed in Israeli Air Strike in Gaza
US Attacks on Mehdi Army Cause Uproar Among Shi'ites
US: Iraqi Security Transfers Won't Reduce US Troop Levels
Afghan MP Says Coalition Attacked His Family, Killing One
Israel Rejects Palestinian Call for Truce
Hamas and Israel Hint at Deal to Free Captured Corporal
Kim's Rockets Clear the Air
by Patrick J. Buchanan
North Korean Missile Test:
Another Red Herring
 by Charley Reese
Theodore Roosevelt Is No One
to Emulate
 by Sheldon Richman
Say 'No' to War Candidates
by Daniel Ellsberg
Karl Rove's Scheherazade Strategy
by Ira Chernus and Tom Engelhardt
Subverting IAEA-NSG Regime
by Gordon Prather

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Independence Carries a Heavy Price
Soldier's Parents Say GIs Shot Airman in Iraq
Israel Presses Gaza Assault, 31 Killed
Bush Says Focusing on Diplomacy With North Korea
Growing Calls for US to Step Into Mideast Mess
Ukraine's Orange Coalition Falls Apart
US, Russia to Enter Civilian Nuclear Pact
Bush Heads for German Political Minefield
Darfur Combat 'Worse' Since Deal
With Few North Korea Facts,
a Rumor Got Launched
Today in Iraq
Iraq Mosque Bombings Leave 17 Dead
Sunnis Wage Online War Over Killings
Haditha Probe Report Sent to Iraq
Sectarian TV Main Source of News in Iraq
Oil Companies Reluctant to Invest in Iraq
Iraqi Film Makers Risk All to Tell Their Stories
Developments in Iraq on July 8
Developments in Iraq on July 7
Rape-Murder in Iraq
Bush Calls Alleged Rape-Murder 'Despicable if True'
Ex-Soldier's Case Now Goes to Grand Jury
Father Said to Be Shocked at Charges Against Ex-GI Son
Ex-Soldier Accused in Murders, Rape Was Baptized Before Deployed
Few Soldiers Cut for Personality Disorders
Iraq at War
US Military Controls Iraq's Embedded Reporters
Iraqi Army Arrests 56
US: Leading Militant Captured in Iraq
Iraq's New Army Uses Creaky Soviet-Era Armored Vehicles to Recreate a Mailed Fist
Drones Reshaping Iraq's Battlefields
Global Iraq Fallout
Australia Clears Soldiers Over Iraq Shooting
Revealed: How Australian Wheat Board Beat US Senate Probe on Iraq
UK FOIA Reveals 2nd Secret Arms-for-Oil Report
Iran to Host Iraq Security Conference
Russia Asks Iraq to Find Bodies, Killers of Kidnapped Diplomats
Japanese Soldiers Head Home as Iraq Mission Ends
Poll: Most Romanians Want Soldiers Out of Iraq
US Hopes Donor Compact Will Rebuild Iraq
A Soldier in Gaza
We Must Talk to Gunmen, Says Israeli Soldier's Father
Hamas Insists Kidnapped Soldier Is Being Well Treated
Hamas: Israel Responsible for Stalled Talks on Shalit
Assault on Gaza
Poll: Most Israelis Want to Assassinate Hamas Leaders
Hamas Under Pressure as Israel Digs In
Palestinians Dig in as Israel Advances
Palestinian Militant Killed in Israeli Raid in Nablus Refugee Camp
Israel Has Edge Over US in Urban Combat
Gaza in Crisis
Gaza's Summer of Discontent
Gazan Funerals, Prepare for More
Funerals Don't Deter Gaza Youth From Urge to Fight
Some Palestinian Govt Workers to Get Partial Wages
Rights Group Slams 'Economic Sanctions' Against Palestinians
Global Gaza Fallout
Ahmadinejad Warns of Islamic 'Explosion' Over Israeli Raid in Gaza
EU Raps Israel's 'Disproportionate Use of Force' in Gaza Offensive
UN Food Agency Calls for Permanent Access to Gaza
Turkish FM to Consider Talks With Exiled Hamas Leader
Death Toll Mounting in Afghanistan
Confidence Lags in Afghanistan as Violence Rises
Afghanistan's Karzai Calls for Help to Curb Rising Violence
Coalition Soldier, Eight Taliban Fighters Dead
Canadian Military Clears Soldier Who Shot Afghan Driver at Checkpoint
Women Assigned as Would-Be Suicide Bombers
Taliban Leaflets Ask Militants Not to Fight Pakistan Army
Pakistan Denies London Bomb Link
Twelve Injured in Pakistan Market Bomb
Nuclear Suppliers Still Split on US-Indian Deal
Rebels Kill Indian Soldier Near Kashmir Border
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Bipartisan Peace Bid Fails, Opposition Says
Sri Lanka Extends Emergency
Tamil Refugees in Limbo Amid Rising Violence
Two Maoists Shot Dead in Nepal by Suspected Rebel Faction
Nepal Maoists Denounce UN Approach
Nepal Ministers to Skip King's Birthday Celebrations
East Timor

Nobel Peace Prize Winner to Be East Timor PM

Ex-East Timor PM Suspected in Weapons Case
Tokyo to Step Up Joint Missile Defense Program
Philippines Arrests Six Soldiers Over Coup Charges
Calderon Blasts Plan for Wall Along US-Mexico Border
Mexico's Left Rules Out Violence in Election Fight
Leftists Urge Protests in Mexican Vote
Calderon Calls for Calm After Win in Mexico
Bush Congratulates Winner of Mexico Vote
Oil Hits Record $75.78 on Strong Demand
Expert: Oil Prices Will Soar Over $100, Stay High
North Korean Missiles
China Knew North’s Test Plan in Advance, Says US Official
Bush Says Korean Missile Shows Need for Shield
Bush: Missile Defense System Had 'A Chance' of Shooting Missile Down
Air Routes Changed to Avoid Missiles
Diplomacy Over North Korea
Bush Rejects Solo Talks With North Korea
US, Japan Raise Stakes With Call for UN North Korea Vote
Japan Offers Stronger Resolution on N. Korea
North Korea Puts China in Precarious Position
China, Russia Slow North Korea Sanctions Drive
Beijing Takes a Soft Line After Pyongyang Missiles Launch
Chinese General Says China May Veto North Korea Resolution
North Korea: Sanctions Would Be an Act of War
South Rejects North Korea's Military Talks
South Korea Pledges to Talk Soon With North
North Korea's Next Moves Pondered
Iran Has Positive Impression of Nuclear Proposal
EU Upbeat After First Iran Nuclear Talks
IAEA Chief Says Ample Time for Diplomatic Solution on Iran
Iran Rejects West's Timetable for Nuclear Talks
Bush Chides US Partners on Iran
US 'War on Terror'
Subway 'Plot' Wouldn't Have Worked Anyway
Bush Says US Still Hunting bin Laden
American al-Qaeda Member Lambastes US Troops
GOP Hearing Alleges Risks of Terrorism Along Border
Senators Want NSA to Share Its Secrets
Judge Orders Govt Officials Not to Leak Sealed Padilla Motion to Prosecution
Gitmo Inmate Tells of Worsening Conditions
'Extraordinary Rendition'
EU Report: Some States Worked With CIA
Italian FM: Previous Govt Probably Knew of CIA Kidnapping
CIA Sent Me to Be Tortured in Afghan Prison, Says Algerian
UK 'War on Terror'
One Year On, London Police Warn of More Bombings
Video: Two London Bombers al-Qaeda Trained
UK Culture Secretary: Inquiry Into Bombings Would Be a Diversion
London Police Track Down Suspect Who Lost His Nerve at the Last Minute
Belmarsh Muslims Must Be Released, Bomber Said
Muslim Leaders Say Anger at Iraq War Undimmed
The War at Home
Democratic Party Divided on Iraq
Iraq Takes Center Stage in Lieberman Debate
Father Who Sought Revenge in Iraq Returns With a Change of Heart
Former Army Reservist to Plead Guilty in Kickback Scheme
Blackwater Backs Dropping Extortion Case
US Military
Sent to Iraq by Mistake
Pentagon to Buy New Equipment for War
Personal Navy Data Again Found on Public Web Site
US Soldier Held After Ramming Cockpit Door
Islamic Radicalization Feared in Europe's Jails
NATO Chief Says Troops Will Stay in Kosovo
US in Balkan Joint Military Exercise
Russia Curtails Radio Free Europe
Defeated Candidate Reemerges in Ukraine
Berlusconi to Be Tried for Fraud
Polish Prime Minister to Quit Amid Rumours of Party Rift
Bomb Scare Clears Dublin Airport
Somalia: New, Besieged Transitional Government Must Be Fortified: Annan
Somalia: Islamists Reject Peacekeepers
Somalia: Kingdom Not Funding Islamic Courts, Sultan Says
No Ethiopian 'Peacekeepers' Will Be Sent to Somalia
Somalia: War Tensions Still High Around Mogadishu South
War Fears Unsettle Somalia's Temporary Capital
Somali Islamists Ban Bands at Weddings
DR Congo
Congo Army Suspends Demobilization, Disarmament
UN: Congo Ready to Hold Elections
UN Says It Will Close Mission in Sudan
Darfur Peace Deal Hangs in Balance
Uganda LRA Rebels Reject Amnesty

Burundi Killings as Talks Delayed

Canada Won't Join Missile Defense, for Now
Canada to Fund Global Anti-Terror Finance Tracking Group HQ
At Least 16 Dead in Haiti Violence
Colombia Arrests Soldiers for Civilian Killings
Bolivian Police Chief Fired, Army Out After Clashes
Spanish Judge Seeks Two Former Guatemala Dictators

Justin Raimondo
What Does North Korea Want?

Alan Bock
Reality-Based Recommendations

Doug Bandow
Can't We Drop Even One Alliance?

Charles Peña
Wile E. Coyote's Fourth of July

Nebojsa Malic
Crime and Punishment

Ivan Eland
Pols, Not the Press, Should Exhibit Prior Restraint

David R. Henderson
The Meaning of July 4th

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Clears First Hurdle

Ran HaCohen
The Ideology of Occupation Revisited

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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