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The End of Supreme Command: Adam Elkus
Goodbye and Good Luck: Charley Reese
A Congress Voters Can't Buy: Gordon Prather
House OKs Korea-Style Bases in Iraq: Jim Lobe
A Curious Offensive: Alan Bock

 Seymour Hersh

Abu Ghraib Torture Worse Than They Told You

 Michael Kirk

The Current Iraqi Endgame and Some of the Earlier Ones

 Gareth Porter

Cheney Lies About Iran

 Becky Akers

“Drop the Sippy Cup Lady! Drop It!”

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Updated June 23, 2007 - 11:26 PM EDT
Israeli Air Force Training to Attack Iran
Special Ops Prepared for Domestic Missions
Experts Say Iraq War Educated New Terrorists
  Saturday: 9 GIs, 68 Iraqis Killed
  Top Targets Fled Before US Push, Commander Says
  US General: We're Not Arming Insurgents, They Have Plenty of Arms
  House Lays Legal Groundwork for Korea-Style Bases in Iraq
Bush: I'm Exempt From My Own Oversight Order
  White House Defends Cheney's Refusal of Oversight
CIA Documents Show How It Broke Law
  Declassified: The CIA's Family Jewels
Airstrike Kills 36 Civilians, Afghan Officials Say
  NATO: 60 Killed on Afghan-Pakistan Border
  As Civilian Casualties Mount, Air War Is Questioned
Inside Guantánamo’s Violent World
  At White House, Renewed Debate on Guantánamo
  US May Move Detainees to Afghan Prison
The End of Supreme Command
by Adam Elkus
The CIA's No-Questions-Asked Travel Agent  by Nat Hentoff
Hamas Holds the High Cards
by Robert Scheer
Goodbye and Good Luck  by Charley Reese
A Congress Voters Can't Buy
by Gordon Prather
Blowback in Lebanon  by Reese Erlich

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Report: US Interventionism Providing Incentive for Nuclear Proliferation
Army Officer Says Gitmo Panels Flawed
US House Votes to Ban Aid to Saudi Arabia
US Special Envoy: Iraqi Kurds Should Expel PKK
Iraq Push Revives Criticism of Force Size
US Could Cut Troops in Iraq Next Spring: General
Iraqis Water Down the Draft Oil Law
UN Official Hopeful After Talk on Iran
Somali 'Government' Forces Break Apart, Clash in Port City
Today in Iraq
Explosives Make Walking Safer Than Riding in Tanks
Chilling Stories From the Mahdi Army
US Reports 68 al-Qaeda Militants Killed in Iraq
Human Rights Watch Cites Serious Legal, Factual Mistakes in Saddam Trial
With Iraq Play, Students Act on Beliefs
Friday: 1 GI, 122 Iraqis Killed; 87 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
US Seeks Shutdown of UN WMD Inspection Program in Iraq
China Forgives Iraqi Debt, but How Much?
Britain's Brown Apologizes for Iraq Intelligence 'Mistakes'
British AG's Resignation Ends a Career Dogged by Iraq War, Arms Deal Case
Iraqi Exiles in Syria Look for Ways to Move On
The War at Home
If Elected, Romney Would Add Another 100,000 Troops to Military
Guardsman in Iraq Gets Firing Letter
Lowering Flag for War’s Dead Brings New Rift
Biden: It's Time Democrats Tell the Truth About Iraq War
Conyers Admits Justice Dept. Whistleblower Website Was 'Premature' After GOP Complaints
The New Iraq
Pentagon's Secret Orgasmatron
House Rejects Cuts to Army 'Torture' School
Army Turns to Iraq Anthropologists on New Counterinsurgency Doctrine
Effectiveness of Army's Effort to Keep Soldiers Out of Racist Groups Questioned
Vets Claim Camp Pendleton Discourages PTSD Treatment
Bush Advisers Weigh Closing Guantánamo Prison Sooner
House Defense Appropriators Consider Shutting Down Gitmo
Pentagon Sends Another Detainee to Guantánamo
'War on Terror'
Secret Service: Retired Bush Will Be 'High Value Terrorist Target'
Gallup: Only 29% Say US Winning War on Terrorism – Lowest Number Since 9/11
Lawyer: US Muslim Was Tortured Into Confessing to Bush Assassination Plot
Sen. Lugar: Reconsider Plans to End Russia Treaty
Puzzling Over Putin's Remarks on Succession
Russia and Azerbaijan Confirm Readiness to Host US Anti-Missile System
Russian Army Officer Who Sold Conscript Into Slavery Sentenced to Three Years in Prison
Russia's Gazprom Purchases Siberian Gas Field From BP
Kasparov Calls on West to Stop 'Pretending' Russia Is Democracy
140 Members of Mississippi Army National Guard Headed to Kosovo
Russia Digs in Heels Against West's Kosovo Plan
Suicide Attackers 'Could Strike in Germany'
US Ordered Increased Activity Against Macedonia's Islamists After the Fort Dix Arrests
At Talks on Europe’s Charter, a Crisis Averted, for Now
France Fears Blackberry Snooping by US Agencies
Basque Grievances Nourish ETA
Germany, Poland Reach 'Preliminary' Deal on EU Voting
Colombia Rebels See Role for Freed Commander
Scandal in Bogotá Puts Trade Deal Under Strain
House Approves Increased Funding to Cuban Dissidents
Cuba Says No Talks With EU Until Sanctions Dropped
In Other News

Why Can't NATO Go Global, Key US Lawmaker Asks

UN Official Urges Aid for Civilians Displaced by War
Missing Aussie War Protester Found on Military Airstrip
Weekend Reviews
Endgame: A Gloomy Forecast for the So-Called Surge
The House That War Built
IAEA and Iran Agree to Draw Up Action Plan
Key US Allies Consider Partial Freeze on Iran's Nuclear Program
Iran Says Has No Preconditions for US Talks
Iran Reportedly Claims 100 Kg of Stored Enriched Uranium
Iran Denies Minister's Comments on 'Uranium Stockpile'
Iran's Top Negotiator: 'We Are Not Pursuing Adventurism'
Iran Said to Retaliate Against Students

Iran Cleric: Rushdie Fatwa Still Stands

Canadian-Based Filmmaker Barred From Leaving Iran
Hamas Scores Publicity Coup in US
Abbas Signals Shutdown of Hamas Groups
Haniyeh Calls for Talks With Abbas's Fatah Faction
Hamas Rejects Bomb Plot Charges
Hamas Official: Fatah Gave Information to Israel and US
Hamas: Abbas Would Not Be Able to Wipe Out Hamas' Sovereignty
Hamas Ex-Minister Kidnapped in West Bank
US Officials Urge Israel to Sever Gaza Ties
Israel Plans Gestures to Strengthen Palestinian President Abbas
Israel's Lieberman Slams Plan to Aid Abbas
Israel Arrests Three in West Bank
Israeli Troops Shoot and Kill Palestinian Near Hebron
Intense Fighting Resumes at Lebanon Siege Camp
Lebanon's Sunnis Teetering on the Fault Line of Conflict
Arab Success Hopes Fade in Lebanon Mediation
Sunni Jihadis Lose Lebanon Battle but Won't Vanish
Violence in Northern Lebanon Destroys Friendships
Middle East
Doubts Over Blair Mideast Role
Perle Prefers Military Intervention to Islamic Party Election Sweep in Turkey
US to Cut Egypt's Military Aid Over Gaza Smuggling
Kabul Investigates Reported Militant Movement From Iran
NATO to Investigate Afghan Deaths
US Helping Build Afghan Prison
On Patrol in Eastern Afghanistan
Cat and Mouse Games in Afghanistan
Canadian Army Suspends Gator Vehicle Use Outside Bases in Afghanistan
US Group Says Pakistan Is Building New Reactor
US 'Spy' Beheaded in Bajaur
North Korea
North Korea Vows to Axe Reactor Quickly
UN Due in North Korea for Start of Nuclear Shutdown
North Korea 'Showed Willingness to Shut Reactor', Says US Envoy
Bush Prods Vietnamese President on Human Rights and Openness
Vietnam Leader: No Need to Fix Human Rights
Visit by Vietnamese President Signals Normalization
Indian Arms Embargo Hits Landmine Defusing in Nepal
Return to Iwo Jima as US Hunts for Those Missing in Action
Seven Killed in Fighting Among Somali Soldiers
Ethiopian Troops Continue House-To-House Search in Somali Market
Somalia Food Aid Trucks Stranded
15 Killed in Clash on Nigeria Oil Platform
General Strike Over Rising Fuel Price Takes Hold in Nigerian Cities
Suspected Zimbabwe Coup Plotters Denied Bail
US Predicts Mugabe Ousting
Twenty-Two Killed in Violence in and Around Kenyan Capital
France Out on Limb to Be Sudan Peace Broker

Justin Raimondo
The End of Dissent?

Alan Bock
A Curious Offensive

Doug Bandow
Deluded Presidential Promises of Progress in Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
Imperial Poker

Charles Peña
Cooperative Threat Reduction Is Worth the Cost

Ivan Eland
Iran and North Korea Will Not Be Denied Nukes

David R. Henderson
Ask and Tell

Philip Giraldi
Accusations Pave Way for Assault on Iran

Praful Bidwai
India: Impasse Over Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Rights

Sascha Matuszak
Pride and Prejudice in Chengdu

Ran HaCohen
The Legend of the
Removed Checkpoints

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