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Surge Protectors: Philip Weiss
America's Armageddonites: Jon Basil Utley
No, the US Is Not Winning in Anbar: William Lind
The Phantom Menace: Nebojsa Malic
Heat Turns Up on Blackwater Inquiry: Khody Akhavi

 Michael Hirsh

Newsweek Sr. Editor on Rudy’s Neocons

 Barrett Tillman

US Military: Expensive Planes, Cheap Rifles

 John Hagee

The End of the World!

 William Hartung

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Updated October 11, 2007 - 11:14 PM EDT
US Raid Kills 15 Iraqis, Including 9 Kids
  Attack on US Base in Iraq Kills 2, Wounds 40
  Increased Violence Continues in Iraq
  Christian Outrage at Iraq 'Private Armies'
  Marines Press to Remove Their Forces From Iraq

Thursday: 1 GI, 2 Foreign Soldiers, 82 Iraqis Killed; 113 Iraqis Wounded

Turkey Recalls Ambassador to US
  Turkey Escalates Attacks on Iraq Border
  Turkey Prepares for Cross-Border Strike on Kurds
  US House Committee Passes Armenian Genocide Resolution
  Chances for Iraq Incursion to Grow if Armenian Bill Passed
  White House: Genocide Resolution Could Hurt Relations With Key Ally
Cheney, Rice Divided Over Israeli Intel
  Gates Says Military Faces More Unconventional Wars
  Democrats Put Troop Withdrawals on Hold
  Press Secretary 'Not Aware' if Bush Hyped Terror Fears to Expand Power
Pakistan Soldiers Killed as Militants Grow Bolder
  Pakistan Bombs Bazaar Full of Civilians
  Tribesmen Urge Pakistan to Halt Air Raids After Heavy Civilian Toll
  Violence Has Pakistanis Debating US Tie
America's Armageddonites
by Jon Basil Utley
No, the US Is Not Winning in Anbar
by William S. Lind
Hillary Offers Little Change to Bush's Policies  by Radley Balko
Surge Protectors  by Philip Weiss
Facts and Darfur  by Ken Silverstein
Translating Bush  by Christopher Brauchli

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Israel-Palestine Talks Must Be Inclusive, Urge US Graybeards
CBS: Three Weeks After Blackwater Shooting, FBI Ignores Key Evidence
State Dept. May Phase Out Blackwater
US Military, Iraqis Say They Are Shut Out of Inquiry
US Accused Over Robotic Insect Spies at Antiwar Protests
The Fine Print in Hillary's Promise to 'End the War'
US Detains Nearly 25,000 in Iraq, Overwhelmingly Iraqi Sunnis
Today in Iraq
Heat Turns Up on Blackwater Inquiry
Iraqi Official: Security Guards Fired Randomly, Killing 2 Women
Accused UAE Security Firm Had US Links
Iraq Officials Probe Killings of Christian Women by Security Firm
Two Killed in Shooting Mourned Far Beyond Iraq
Iraqi Refugees Find Even Other Iraqi Provinces Won't Take Them
Iraq's Displaced People Nightmare
Iraqi Authorities Capture Cop Killer in Kirkuk
Iraq Occupation
Former US Ally in Iraq Faces Execution
Blackwater Case Highlights Legal Uncertainties
Analyst Says Limiting Powers of Iraq's Central Government Could Cause Chaos
US Holds 10,000 More Detainees in Iraq Than Last Year
US Releases A Few Hundred Iraqi Prisoners as Gesture
Pentagon Deploys Another Iraq Combat Brigade
Attacks Continue
Ramadan Violence Down in Iraq but No Turnaround
Children Wounded in Attack on Iraqi Primary School
Police: Ranking Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Assassinated
Mortars Hit US Military HQ at Baghdad Airport
Wednesday: 2 GIs, 131 Iraqis Killed, 88 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
British Defense Chief Sees Success in Southern Iraq
Polish Embassy in Iraq Was Moved for Safety Reason
The War at Home
Gonzales Hires a Top Gun
Poll: Americans Reject Unconditional Iraq Funding
Obama, Edwards Rap Clinton on Iraq Vote
US Military
US Army: Iraq War Costs Won't Affect Future Combat Systems
Gates Describes Army of Future
Home-Front Connection: A Blessing or a Burden?
Pentagon: Military Meets Recruitment Goals for the Year
Flight of the Extreme UAVs, From Smallest to Deadliest
'War on Terror'
Legislators Against Real ID
House Panels OK More Scrutiny Over Foreign Eavesdropping
White House Fights Democratic Changes to Surveillance Act
Secrecy Defense Prevails in Torture Case
Families Settle Claims in Attack on Pentagon
UK Man Pleads Guilty in Terror Camp Plot
UK Muslim Accused of Being Terror Recruiter
Four Yemeni Detainees Released From Guantanamo
Congressman Slams General's Re-Investigations Into Once-Cleared Soldiers, Marines in Afghan Killings
Afghan Govt, Taliban Trade Hostages
Shooting Inside Mosque Leaves 2 Dead, 12 Wounded in Afghanistan
Afghan Air Force Struggles to Take Flight
Eight Taliban Killed in Afghan Clashes
Poles Want Troops Out of Afghanistan
Scars of War Don't Deter Travelers From Afghanistan's Treasures
Afghan Prisoners on Hunger Strike After Executions
Afghanistan Refugees Fight to Stay in Camps
Pakistan Halts Village Attacks Long Enough to Bury Hundreds Killed
Fighting Resumes in Pakistan
Political Paralysis Lets Pakistan Militants Thrive
Thousands Flee Ongoing Clashes in Northern Pakistan
Official: Pakistan Govt 'Absolutely Paralyzed' in Tribal Areas
Bhutto Urges Parliament Control Over Pakistan Military
Prominent Pakistan Politician Slain in Quetta
Pakistan Elections Set for Early January
Myanmar Dissident Dies Under Questioning
Full Horror of Myanmar Repression of Monks Emerges
US Envoy Urges Myanmar Transition
Debate Heats Up Over Myanmar Sanctions
Singapore PM: Regime Change Not the Answer in Myanmar
China Closes Christian-Linked Businesses
China Announces Gains in Air Defense
Taiwan Stages Military Parade
Tibetan Exiles Storm Chinese Embassy in India
Nepal's Maoists Say They Can Bring Down Government
Sri Lanka Bans Private Arms Deals
South Korea to Protest to China Over North Refugees
Atomic Energy Chief Visits India
Time Magazine Will Challenge a Ruling From Indonesia's Top Court About a Story on Suharto
Accepting Turkey's Past
House Panel Raises Furor on Armenian Genocide
Armenian Genocide Bill in US May Affect Incirlik AFB Mission
US Hopes Turkey Will Not Act After Genocide Vote
Turkey Slams 'Unacceptable' US Genocide Bill
State Dept. 'Regrets' House Genocide Vote
Armenian Genocide Bill Text
Today in Turkey
Turkey Shells Northern Iraq
Iraqi Interior Ministry: Turkish Forces Won't Be Allowed to Hunt Kurds Without Permission
Choices Few for US in Turkey-PKK Clash
Turkish Firms Leave as Tensions Rise Over Kurdish Rebels
Turkish Policeman Killed by Bomb
20 Suspected Rebels Detained in SE Turkey
Iran's Ex-Nuke Envoy Raps Ahmadinejad Policies
Supreme Leader Says Iranian Politicians Should Be Open to Criticism
Sarkozy Fails to Soften Russian Backing for Iran
Putin: No Proof Iran Seeks Nuclear Arms
Six Powers to Meet Next Week in Europe for Iran Talks
Does Iran Want Bombs or Electricity? Leading Powers Still Can't Agree
President Misquoted Over Gays in Iran: Aide
Israeli Strike on Syria Kindles Debate in US
Israeli Attack Threatens Peace Summit
Syria Tells Journalists Israeli Raid Did Not Occur
'Palestinians May Yield Part of West Bank'
Abbas Wants Return to Pre-1967 Borders
Court Says Israel Labor Laws Must Apply to Palestinian Workers
Hamas Says Gaza Rule Is Temporary, Wants Talks
Fatah Uses 'Morality Police' to Burnish Image
3,500 Palestinians in West Bank to Get Residency Permits
Captive Israeli Soldier in Gaza 'Gaining Weight'
Israelis Kill Militant in West Bank
Hebron: American Arrested for Assaulting Palestinians
Eyewitnesses: Israeli Incursion Into Beit Hanoun
Israel to Upgrade Air Defenses
US Silent on Israel Grab of Arab Land
Mearsheimer: US Support for Israel Played a Role in 9/11
Refugees Return to Devastated Lebanon Camp
Lebanon Seeks Help From Russia, China
Middle East
Muslim Brotherhood's Hard-Line Platform
Inquiry Into France's Libyan Arms Deal
Treasury Blocks Assets of Three Saudis
Russia Bars Opposition Group From Vote
US, Russia Seem No Closer on Missile Defense
Spy Chief Says British Intelligence Tried to Destabilize Russia
Kremlin Infighting Gets an Airing
Secret Police Struggle Rocks Russia
After Disdaining Arms Control, Bush Seeks to Engage Moscow
Sarkozy Meets Kremlin's Critics
Brown to Threaten Brussels Over EU Treaty
Croatia Hosts Major NATO Exercise
Sudan Army Denies Attacking Darfur Town
Aid Group Leaves Rebel-Held Darfur Town
DR Congo
Congo Rebels Lose Vital Town
Congo Rebel Seeks Ceasefire Again After Fighting
Assassination Attempt on Somali PM

Violence in Somalia Kills Seven

Nigerian Judge Reverses Election
Report Traces Twisting Routes to Power in Nigeria
Report: Wars Strip $284 Billion From African Economies
Tuareg Nomads Set to Intensify Rebellion in Niger
Group: Police Beat Women in Zimbabwe
Morales Says US Soldiers Should Leave Bolivia
Two to Be Sentenced for Cuba Travel Ban Violation

Justin Raimondo
Rudy's Radicals

Nebojsa Malic
The Phantom Menace

Philip Giraldi
Neocons Acquire Another
Front Group

Alan Bock
Machiavelli's Real Transgression

Doug Bandow
The Price of Promiscuous Intervention

Charles Peņa
Misunderestimating the Price of Iraq

David R. Henderson
War and the Constitution

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Ivan Eland
Why 'Partition' (of Iraq) Is a Dirty Word

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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