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Iraq 3.0: Sheldon Richman
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Bush’s Gifts to Iran’s Neocons

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Howard Defeated Down Under

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Neocons Think They’ve Won Iraq

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Updated November 29, 2007 - 10:24 PM EST
Iranians Say Sanctions Hurt Them, Not Govt
  Six World Powers to Discuss Iran in Paris Saturday
  Bush: US Would Back Israel if Attacked by Iran
US Military Kills More Iraqi Civilians, Apologizes
  US General Wants Big Cuts in Iraqi Detainees
  6,000 Sunnis Join Pact With US in Iraq
  Thursday: 2 GIs, 30 Iraqis Killed; 48 Iraqis Wounded
Much Ado About Annapolis
  Iraq a Loud No-Show at Annapolis Talks
  Israeli Airstrike Hits Gaza as Peace Talks Continue in US
  Israeli Official: Deal by End of 2008 Doubtful
  Syria Backs Revival of Peace Talks With Israel
  Arabs Return From Summit Uneasy and Skeptical
NATO Airstrike Kills 14 Afghan Road Workers
  Marine General Presses for Afghanistan Surge
Purported bin Laden Message to Europe: Quit Afghan War
Playing Roulette in Pakistan
by Robert Scheer
Distorting Fascism to Demonize Iran  by Ismael Hossein-zadeh
The Myths of Military Progress
by Ron Jacobs
Annapolis Afterthought  by Patrick Foy
In the Fox's Lair  by William S. Lind
Iraq 3.0  by Sheldon Richman

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Azerbaijan DM Hints at War
US Army Expands by Lowering the Bar on Recruits
Think Tank: US Obsession With 'Islamofascism' Clouds Important Distinctions Between Groups
Survey Shows Dangers for Iraq Reporters
Undercover Agent for Infiltrated London Mosque Says MI5 'Betrayed' Him
Nixon Papers Recall Concerns on Israel’s Nukes
1973 US Cable on Mideast Mirrors Current Events
Christians And Muslims Coexist in Gaza
Convoy of Returning Iraqi Refugees Arrives From Syria
Today in Iraq
Family Blasts Iraqi Newsman Over Claims They Were Killed
Integrate Sunni Militias Into Armed Forces: Iraq Cleric
Al-Qaeda Haven No More, Iraq's Fallujah Rebuilds
Future of Iraq's Looted Past Looking Brighter
UN Has New Concern About Baghdad Cholera
Powerful Iraqi Shi'ite Leader's Cancer May Be in Remission
Wednesday: 14 Iraqis Killed, 52 Wounded
Iraq Occupation
US Military Plans to Bolster Iraqi Sentry Forces by 10,000
US Military Announces Final Plans on Sunni Patrols
After 15 Months of Detention Without Charge, Turkish Truck Driver Finally Released by US
Salvador Weighs Trimming Iraq Troops: President
Global Iraq Fallout
Envoy: US to Work With New Aussie PM on Iraq Troops
Japan PM in Damage Control After Iraq Vote
The War at Home
US Public Opinion Shifts on Iraq 'Surge'
Bill Clinton on Hotseat After Iraq War Remarks
Official Probing Rove Now Under Investigation Himself
Convicted Iraq Spy Gets Four Years in US
One-Year Term for Oilman Convicted in Iraq Kickbacks
Biden: Success of Surge Is 'Fantasy'
Maryland Tallying Summit Costs
US Military
Army Prioritizing 37,000 GIs for First Combat Tours
Army Announces '08 Deployments of 4200 More Euro-Based Troops
US Military Struggles to Keep Army Captains
Report: Soldier Died in Joke That Went Too Far
Two Air Force Trainers Collide Over Mississippi
Harrier Crashes in Arizona; Pilot Safe
Army Chemical Weapons Monitor Sues Over Firing
Air Force Grounds F-15s — Again
Three Months With US Military Chaplains in Iraq and Afghanistan
'War on Terror'
Intel Centers Losing Anti-Terror Focus
When Is a Terrorism Figure No Longer One?
Court: Customs Agents Acted Properly in Terror Screenings for People Who Attended Canadian Islamic Convention
UK Mosques Given Code of Practice
Musharraf Expected to End State of Emergency Within Days
For Musharraf, Reduced Power as the President
Musharraf Made Pakistan a Western Ally
Pakistani Court to Hear Challenge to TV Restrictions
For Many Pakistanis, a State of Economic Emergency
Pakistani Military Says It Controls Most of Swat Valley
Bush Hails Musharraf for Leaving Military
Ashfaq Kayani: Pakistan's New Military Chief
Pakistan Army Chief to Focus on Military
Three Canadian Soldiers Hospitalized After Blast
An Afghanistan War-Crimes Case Tests Poland’s Commitment to Foreign Missions
Sri Lanka
Two Blasts Kill 18 in Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Minister Escapes Attempt on Life
Disabled Female Suicide Bomber Kills Aide
Koreas at Odds Over Sea Border
North Korea Nuclear Disabling 'Going Smoothly'
US Nuclear Negotiator to Visit North Korea
Pentagon Makes Official Protest to China Over Blocking Carrier From Port
China: Navy Spat Not a Misunderstanding
Chinese Warship Docks in Tokyo
Iran Acquits Ex-Nuclear Negotiator
Ahmadinejad Hits Back After 'Nuclear Spy' Cleared
Iran Minister Ready to Publish Details in Spy Case
British MP: US Has No Desire to Attack Iran
Iran Says It Has Sonar-Evading Submarine
India Asked to End Military Ties With Iran
Chinese Firms Seek to Increase Oil Imports From Iran
Mideast Peace Moves
Bush Won't Force Plan on Palestinians and Israelis
Arabs Call for US Hand in Peace Talks
Olmert: No Concessions Without Road Map Compliance
Olmert Has No Mandate to Negotiate, Say Israelis
Rice’s Way: Restraint in Quest for Peace
Annapolis Talks Prompt Much Doubt, a Few Jokes, in Mideast
Rice, Israeli Official Share Perspectives
Moscow May Host Middle East Follow-Up
Mideast Peacemaking: Hard Work Begins
Can Hope Triumph Over Mideast Experience?
Former NATO Military Chief Appointed Middle East Envoy
Fatah Fears Hamas Takeover in West Bank
Palestinian Police Clash With Protesters
Israeli Arab Women Gets Three Years in Jail for Hezbollah Ties
Israeli Army Vehicle Attacked in Gaza
Presidential Vote in Lebanon to Be Delayed Again: Sources
Lebanon Army Commander Sleiman May Be Country's Next President
Lebanon Lawmakers Back Army Chief
Empty Lebanon Presidency Worries Christians
Former PKK Member Admits US Complicity and Released
Turkish Govt to Launch Move Against PKK Via Kurdish Deputies
Middle East
Saudis: 208 Arrested in Terrorist Plots
Self-Appointed Enforcers of Islamic Law Spread Influence in Egypt
Kuwait Army Calls on Campers to Stay Clear of Shooting Ranges
Somalia's Mystery Weapon Raises Eerie Iraq Parallels
Somalia Offensive After Attacks
Burundi Troops to Head to Somalia in Two Weeks
Eritrea-Ethiopia Border Deadline Looms Amid War Fears
Sudan Limits May Keep UN Troops From Darfur
Kenya Muslims Deny Sharia Claim
Jail Time Cut for 3 in Rwanda Genocide
Nigerian, US Militaries Partner to Ensure 'Apt Military Response' to HIV
Russia’s Election Is for Parliament, but the Real Vote Is on Putin
Violations Alleged in Russia Vote
Russia Seeks Formal Arms Treaty to Replace START
Kosovo's Future Uncertain as Talks Collapse
Court Awards Damages to Reporter Whose Home Was Raided
Slovak Police Seize Enriched Uranium in Raid
Indian MPs Slam Government Over US Nuclear Deal
Calls for Philippine Officials to Step Down Over Killings
Venezuela's Chavez Says CNN Incites Assassination, Seeks Probe
Chavez in Tight Venezuela Vote to Expand Powers
Chávez Says He’ll Cut Ties With Colombia and Its Leader
Venezuela May Expel US Envoy Over Vote Suspicions

Justin Raimondo
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An American in Paris

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On the Brink

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A Conservative View of Iran

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Why Attack Iran?

Alan Bock
Lebanon: The Next Civil War?

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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