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Today's Highlights

The Fight for Memorial Day: David R. Henderson
Escaping Forward: Uri Avnery
Broad Reach of Neoconservatism: Adib-Moghaddam
Iraq Deals Overshadowed by Rising Concerns: Salih
No Cause for Celebration: Cath Elliott

 Michael Schwartz

Memorial Day for Iraqis

 Jacob Hornberger

Restoring the Republic

 Christopher Coyne

"Exporting Democracy" Cannot Work

 John Cusack

War Inc.

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Updated May 27, 2008 - 10:34 PM EDT
Pentagon Chief Warns GIs to Stay Out of Politics
  McCain Says Obama Should Visit Iraq
Iraq Suicide Bomber Targets US-Allied Group
  Iraq Deals Overshadowed by Rising Concerns
  Iraq Says Six Suspected Teenage Bombers Detained

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 37 Iraqis Killed; 83 Iraqis Wounded

IAEA Says Iran May Be Withholding Information
  Iran Says IAEA Report Shows Nuclear Work Peaceful
  Obama Says Won't Guarantee Ahmadinejad a Meeting
  Iran, US Leaning Toward Talks?
Probable US Air Strikes Cause Blasts in Somalia
  Somali Islamist: No Solution but War
Mideast Govts Increasingly Ignore US Views

24 Killed in Afghanistan Attacks

New Lebanon President Supports Fight Against Israel

Putin Named PM of Belarus-Russia Alliance

Iraq and the Emperor's New Clothes  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Broad Reach of Neoconservatism  by Arshin Adib-Moghaddam
Good News: Spy Plan Won't Work. Bad News: It Will Cost Billions  by Phil Hendren
Escaping Forward  by Uri Avnery
War Immemorial Day  by Bill Quigley
FBI Kept Quiet as Torture Took Place  by Robyn Blumner

More Viewpoints

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'They Used Pat for Public Consumption, Just Like Jessica Lynch'
Israel Targets Iran Through Syrian Friendship
Child Sexual Abuse by UN Aid Workers, Peacekeepers Rife
The Forgotten Kid of Guantánamo
Saddam's Deputy Vows to Continue Fight
McCain Defends Opposition to GI Bill
British Military Releases UFO Files
Afghans Stage More Protests
Over Koran Shooting
Today in Iraq
Sadr Pursues Image to Match His Power
Iraqi Politicians Squabble Over Election Law
Iraq Replaces Southern Oil Chiefs in Major Shakeup
Feeling Safer, Iraqis Come Home – but Only a Few
Iraqi Army Wins an Uneasy Peace in Basra
Iraqi Football
FIFA Provisionally Suspends Iraq
Dismay in Iraq at FIFA Suspension
Attacks Continue
Violence Still Taking Toll on Baghdad Education
Seven Civilians Wounded in Attack in Mosul
Four Sahwa Fighters Killed, Injured by al-Qaeda in Diyala
Four Shepherds Disappear in Diyala
Monday: 2 US Soldiers, 15 Iraqis Killed; 53 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Japan May End Iraq Military Mission in 2009
US, Iran, and Arab Neighbors to Meet on Iraq
Breakdown of Iraq's Foreign Debt
Citing Drought, Iraq Asks Turkey for More Water
The War at Home
Memorial Day Draws Two Messages on Iraq
On Vets Holiday, US Candidates Ponder Iraq Strategy
McCain 'Sick at Heart' Over Mistakes in Iraq War
Fukuyama: US Can't Maintain World Hegemony, Must Soften
US Military
On Memorial Day: Press Coverage Probes Suicides
Plan for Military Internet Voting Sets Off Controversy
Iraq Casualty: Marine Public Affairs Officer, Who Helped Journalists, Remembered
Conscientious Objector Ruling Protested
Taliban Vows War Until Last Soldier Leaves
Taliban Vow to Fight On, Offer Talks With Afghans
Optimism Grows as Marines Push Against Taliban
Afghan Govt Newspaper Presses US to Attack Taliban Bases in Pakistan
Two Foreign Soldiers, Two Afghan Police, Dozen Taliban Killed
Italy Plans to Cut Troops in Afghanistan
Taliban Turn to Iraq-Style Tactics to Take Kabul Districts
Fears for Patrol Vehicles as Blast Kills Serviceman in Afghanistan
Intelligence Soldiers in Afghanistan Since Start of Mission: Commander
HIV Risk in War-Torn Afghanistan High
EU Agrees to Expand Afghan Police Training Mission
Pakistan Defends Pacts, Says No Cross-Border Attacks
Chertoff Urges Anti-Terror Fight in Pakistan
Sharif Rival Quits Poll Contest
Fight Militants Jointly, British Defense Secretary Urges Pakistan, Afghanistan
Pakistan Renames North West Frontier Province to End 'Colonial Anachronism'
Police: Four Shi'ites Killed in Pakistan

Protests Banned as Nepal Set to Abolish Monarchy

Bomb Blast in Katmandu Ahead of Assembly
South Korea
South Korea, Arab States Move to Improve Relations
South Korea and China's Bilateral Ties
Quake Brings Rare Freedom for Journalists in China
Taiwan Party Chief Visits China
Dalai Lama Says Tibetans Losing Faith in Talks
Eight Killed in Sri Lanka Train Bombing
Authorities in India Stop March by Tibetan Exiles
Aung San Suu Kyi Set to Be Released
Indonesian Freedom Elusive for Some
Philippine Military Demands Rebels Drop Commanders
Singapore Sacks Superintendent of Detention Center Over Escape
Iran Navy Head: Military Doctrine Strongly Defensive
Iran-Turkey Gas Flow Halted After Blast
Report: Three Iranian Guardsmen Die After Rebel Clash
Egypt Eyes Iran's Overtures With Suspicion
EU's Solana Hopes for Iran Trip Within Month
Chronology: Iran's Nuclear Program
Iranian Immigrants in Israel Warned Not to Visit Homeland
Olmert Says He Gave No Commitment to Syria on Golan
Israeli Military Intel: Syria Still Transferring Arms to Hezbollah
Ahmadinejad Sure Syria Will Press Struggle Against Israel
Olmert: Only Delusional People Think We'll Keep Post-'67 Borders
Israeli MP: Anyone Ceding Israeli Territory Should Be Sentenced to Death
Barak: Israel on a Collision Course With Hamas
Abbas, Hamas Meet in Surprise Move
Israel Sees Little Progress in Gaza Strip Truce Talks
Palestinians Deny Reports on Border Negotiations
Hezbollah Leader Says His Group Has No Plans to Control Lebanon
Hezbollah Has Warning for Lebanon's New Government
Beirut Civilians Wounded as Gunshots Follow Nasrallah Speech
Lebanon President to Appoint PM on Wednesday
Israel: UN Forces Ignoring Hezbollah Violations in South Lebanon
Sources: Progress in Hezbollah-Israel Prisoner Talks
Hezbollah Says All Lebanese Prisoners Will Soon Be Home
Somali MP Denounces Raid on Ex-President's House
UN Envoy: Somali Peace Talks Will Succeed
Seven Civilians Killed in Heavy Somali Fighting, Witnesses Say
Five Ugandan Soldiers Wounded in Friday's Blast in Mogadishu
Twin Bombings Rock Puntland Port City
Somalia: Islamist Militia Ban Weapons in Jowhar
Aide: Mugabe Expects to Win Election
Mugabe Would Accept Defeat in Runoff: Minister
Bush Straddles His Hard Line in Engaging Sudan
Darfur Rebels Threaten Khartoum as Peace Hopes Fade
Govt: South Africa Anti-Foreign Violence Under Control
Shell Pipeline in Nigeria Is Under Attack
Malawi Ex-President Quizzed Over 'Coup Plot'
Burundi, Rebels Repledge Peace
Former Ethiopian Dictator Mengistu Sentenced to Death
Soldiers in Guinea Protest Prime Minister's Firing
'War on Terror'
Homeland Security Border Agents Corruption Widespread
UK Terror Bill Rebels to Show No Mercy to Battered Brown
EU to Keep Troops in Bosnia Over Kosovo Concerns
Protesters Decry Georgia Election
UN: Russian Jet Downed Georgia Spyplane
EU Approves Talks With Russia
Serbia Denies Genocide as World Court Case Opens
Colombian Rebel Group Confirms Leader's Death
Leaders of Colombia's FARC Guerrillas
Cuba Dissidents Say Police Raid Meeting
Castro Criticizes Obama Plan to Keep US Embargo
Canada's Foreign Minister Quits Over Secret Papers
Major: Troops 'Ashamed' to Wear Aussie Uniform

Justin Raimondo
Into the Bosnian Quagmire, Part 2

David R. Henderson
The Fight for Memorial Day

Alan Bock
Talking About Nothing

Ivan Eland
Negotiating with 'Terrorists and Radicals' Is a Must

Doug Bandow
Ain't My America

Nebojsa Malic
Tadic's Titanic

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Contradictions

Philip Giraldi
The Fourth Estate Fails Again

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

Praful Bidwai
One Last Push for India-US Nuke Deal

Charles Peña
Mission Accursed

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