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Updated November 22, 2023 - 8:50 PM EST
Israeli Cabinet Approves Hostage Deal With Hamas
  Israel Bombed Aid Groups After US Shared Their Location
  Ex-Obama Adviser: Killing 4,000 Palestinian Kids 'Wasn't Enough'
  Gaza Health Officials Lost Ability to Count the Dead
US Launches Second Round of Airstrikes In Iraq
  Israeli Strikes Kill Two Journalists in Southern Lebanon
  MSF Says Three Doctors Killed in Strike on North Gazan Hospital
  Pentagon Journal Publishes Proposal for Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza
Germany Commits $1.4 Billion to Ukraine
China Hawks Want $12 Billion Added to $105 Billion
Surveillance Program Gives Cops Access to Phone Records
Vehicle Explosion at Rainbow Bridge Not Act of Terrorism
item Ukraine War Has Been a 'Great Bargain' for US in the Black Sea  by Edward Hunt
item What Paul Krugman Gets Wrong About the Military Industrial Complex  by William D. Hartung
item Tel Aviv's Man in Washington  by James Carden
item Israel's Comically Bad Disinfo Proves They're Losing the PR War  by Marc Owen Jones

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Israeli Settlers and Soldiers Try to Block the Palestinian Olive Harvest
Azerbaijan Says It's Ready for Peace Talks With Armenia
A Controversial US Surveillance Program Is Up for Renewal
Ukraine's Defense Minister Says No Decision Taken on Shakeup in Military
More Than 10,000 Civilians Killed in Ukraine Since Russia Invasion, UN Says
Ukraine Could Fail to Meet Future Wheat Demand if Attacks Continue, UN Agency Warns
Putin to Take Part in Emergency BRICS Summit
US to Provide Over $4 Million in Aid for Those Affected by Nagorno-Karabakh Crisis
Poland Set to Get More Than 5 Billion Euros in EU Money Set Aside for Energy Crisis Recovery
UK Health Service Data Contract Awarded to Military Tech Firm Backing War in Gaza
Fifteen Burkina Faso Civilians Killed in 'Simultaneous Attacks' This Weekend
Food Aid for 1.4 Million People in Chad to 'Grind to a Halt' Soon, WFP Says
Stampede Kills 37 People in Army Recruitment Drive in Congo-Brazzaville
Ethiopia Says Oromo Rebel Talks End Without Agreement
Guinea to Investigate Former President Conde for Alleged Treason
US Says Rwanda, DR Congo Leaders Agree on Steps To
South Africa Parliament Votes in Favor of Motion to Close Israel Embassy
US, UK and Norway Urge South Sudan to Pull Troops From Oil-Rich Region of Abyei Amid Violence
Philippines Receives Two Fast-Attack Interdiction Craft From Israel
Philippines to Make Cyber Defense 'Common Fixture' in Military Drills
Taliban Defends Record on Women as UN Looks at Path Forward
North Korea Launches Suspected 'Spy Satellite'
Pakistan's Imran Khan Trial in Jail Declared Illegal, Lawyer Says
The War at Home
Upgraded F-35s Fly With Partial Software as DoD Hunts for Delivery Fix
Environmental Impacts Feared After Navy Aircraft Overshoots Runway, Ends Up in Kaneohe Bay
Space Force Records First Suicides Since Service's Founding in 2019
Attacks on Gaza Hospitals Bring Healthcare System to Its Knees
80 Palestinians Killed, 200 Wounded by Israeli Airstrikes in Northern Gaza
Gaza Poet Mosab Abu Toha Released After Israel Disappearance
Israel 'Deliberately Destroying' Cultural Sites in Gaza
WHO on Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital: 'We Only Saw Civilians'
WHO Chief Says an Employee Was Killed in Gaza Alongside Family
Air Strikes and Lentil Soup: Life Grinds on in Wartime Gaza
Leading Political Scientists Call for Ceasefire in Gaza
Blinken Plans Israel Visit Next Week for Talks on War in Gaza
In West Bank, Palestinian Farmers Face Settler Attacks in War Over Land
'Israel's Army Tanks Are Here. We Are Facing Imminent Death in Gaza City'
Israel Has Arrested More Than 200 Children Since October 7
Social Media Surveillance Creates a 'Culture of Fear' for Palestine Supporters on UK Campuses
The Palestinian Children Detained by Israel
Pro-Palestinian Protesters Arrested at Australian Port
EU Will Continue to Fund the Palestinians as Probe Shows No Money Is Reaching Hamas
Ukrainians Who Fled Their Country for Israel Find Themselves Yet Again Living With War
Fighting for Israel, Druze Demand End to Demolition Orders
Netanyahu 'Twice Ignored Intel Warnings of Attack on Israel'
Middle East
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 30 Killed
Bahrain Government Websites Briefly Inaccessible After Cyberattack Over Israel-Hamas War
Jordan Says It Beefs Up Army Presence Along Borders With Israel
Saudi Crown Prince Calls on All Countries to Stop Arms Exports to Israel
The Americas
Police in Haiti Detain a New Suspect in the 2021 Slaying of President Jovenel Moise
Cyberattack Impacts Canadian Forces, Public Servants With Relocation Services
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