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Updated November 23, 2023 - 9:12 PM EST
US Worries Journalists Will Have More Gaza Access

Israeli Official Says Hamas Hostage Deal Delayed Until Friday


UN Relief Chief: Gaza War Is Worst Humanitarian Crisis He's Ever Seen

  Israeli Army Arrests Al-Shifa Hospital Director, Other Doctors
  Dozens From Same Family Killed as Israel Continues Bombardment
  Former State Dept Official Seldowitz Arrested After 'Racist' Tirade

Iraqi Govt 'Vehemently' Condemns US Airstrikes

  US Considers Redesignating Yemen's Houthis as 'Terrorists'
  Pentagon Journal Publishes Proposal for Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza
US, Philippines Start Joint Patrol in South China Sea
  Taiwanese Opposition Parties Remain Deadlocked Over Joint Ticket
  North Korea Scraps Pact After South Walks Backs Commitments
Vehicle Explosion at Rainbow Bridge Not Act of Terror
item The Strip Is Already Occupied:
The Two Gazas That Israel Cannot Break
 by Ramzy Baroud
item Israelis Keep Hurting Their Own PR Interests by Talking  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Washington's Message Is Like a Record With the Needle Stuck  by Ted Snider
item (Who Dies For) Peace in Ukraine?  by Peter Van Buren

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US Thwarted Plot to Kill Sikh Separatist, Issued Warning to India
Before Islamophobic Rant, Ex-Obama Official Harassed Women, Russian Diplomat
Behind the Scenes: How the Israel-Hamas Truce Deal Came Together
Israeli Children Held Hostage in Gaza Face Long Road to Recovery After Release
Which Captives, Palestinian Prisoners Could Be Freed?
Families of Female Palestinian Prisoners Are Anxious, Optimistic as They Await Release
US Has Wrecked Chances of Peace in Middle East, Putin Tells BRICS Summit
Tom Cruise Reportedly Stepped in to Stop His Agent Being Fired Over Controversial Social Media Posts on Gaza
Susan Sarandon Dropped by Talent Agency for Taking Pro-Palestine Stand
Protest in St. Louis Over Boeing Arms for Israel
Six Palestinians Shot Dead in West Bank City of Tulkarm
Jerusalem Christian Landmark Emptied of Pilgrims
Over 90% of Pro-Palestinian Social Media Content Deleted Since Oct. 7, Following Israel's Request
A Rush for Firearms in Wartime Israel
Hamas Deal Divides Israel Politicians, Seen as 'Great Harm', 'Painful'
Fears of All-Out Ethnic War Rise in Sudan's Darfur
Sudan's Darfuri Rebels Split as RSF Offensive on Al-Fasher Looms

DR Congo: Army Promises to Arrest 'Any Soldier' in Connection With Rwanda Militia

Egypt Threatens Legal Action Against Israel for Plan to Push Gaza Palestinians to Sinai
Mali Separatists Deny Mass Grave Claims in Strategic Town

Chad Struggles With Soaring Refugee Crisis

Somalia Leader Backs Army to Take Over From African Union
Pakistan's Top Court Accepts Imran Khan's Plea for Bail
What Next After Pakistan Court Declares Imran Khan's Trial in Jail Illegal?
India, Australia Commit to Boosting Strategic Ties as Their Diplomats and Defense Chiefs Hold Talks

India Restores E-Visa Services for Canadians. the Move Could Ease Diplomatic Tensions

Latin America
Haitian Police Say Member of a Gang Accused of Kidnapping Americans Has Been Extradited to the US
Venezuelan Output Rises to 850,000 Bpd Amid Sanctions Relaxation
North Gaza Is Living Hell for Thousands Trapped by Israel Army
What We Know About the Israel-Hamas Truce So Far
Israel Has Utterly Devastated Gaza
Over 200 Palestinians Killed in 24 Hours Despite Truce Announcement
UNICEF: More Gaza Children Will Die Without Access to Water
Gaza Freedom Flotilla to Sail Again
Israeli Army Retreats to 'Relatively Safer Points' in Gaza City
Three Palestinian Children Die Due to Power Outage in Kamal Adwan Hospital
Resistance Groups Produce a Steady Stream of Combat Videos From Gaza
Pictures: Burying the Bodies of Unidentified Victims of Israel's War on Gaza

Dispute Erupts Over Whether Pope Called Gaza Situation a 'Genocide'

Humanitarians Want More Aid for Gaza, Access to Hostages Under Israel-Hamas Truce. and More Time

Middle East

Iraq Weekly Roundup: 30 Killed

Hezbollah Not Part of Gaza-Israel Truce: Official

Ukraine Welcomes Western Allies' Air Defense Coalition

Leaders of Four Central European States Disagree on Military Aid for Ukraine but Agree on Other Support
Putin Says We Must Think How to Stop 'The Tragedy' of War in Ukraine
Russian Actress Killed in Ukrainian Strike While Performing to Soldiers

Turkey Tells NATO That Sweden Won't Join by Next Week's Meeting

Ireland To Drop Need for UN Authorization for Troop Deployment
Estonia Accuses Russia of Helping Migrants to Its Border
Finland to Close All but Northernmost Border Crossing With Russia
'France Is in No Way Being Driven Out of Africa' Says Foreign Trade Minister
Albania's Prime Minister Calls for More NATO Troops in Neighboring Kosovo Following Ethnic Violence
Spanish Police Probe Potential 'Terror Links' in Politician's Shooting
Switzerland Moves to Ban Hamas, Backs Israel's 'Right to Self-Defense'
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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