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Updated November 29, 2023 - 9:17 PM EST
Sen. Rand Paul to Force Vote on Syria Withdrawal
Netanyahu: Only I Can Stop a Palestinian State
  Israel and Hamas Exchange Prisoners for the Fifth Day
  Gaza's Main Public Library Destroyed in Israeli Bombing
McConnell: Conditioning Aid to Israel 'Ridiculous'
  Rep. Massie Votes No on Equating Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism
NATO to Members: 'Stay the Course' on Ukraine
  Ukraine Strains to Bolster Its Army as War Fatigue Weighs
Lavrov To Attend OSCE Meeting in North Macedonia
Azerbaijan's Aliyev Scolds Blinken Over Armenia
US, UK Military Contractors Plan for Global Censorship
item How American Neocons Wrecked the Middle East and Ukraine  by David Stockman
item Biden and Trump Give Israel Blank Check to Commit War Crimes  by Jon Reynolds
item Endgame for Gaza  by David C. Hendrickson
item US Weapons Shipments to Israel Are Enabling War Crimes  by Stephen Semler

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Hamas Gave Us Treats - Until Food Ran Out, Says Freed Hostage
Senior CIA Official Posts, Then Removes Pro-Palestine Content
China Warns Australia to Act Prudently in the South China Sea
Wife of Ukraine Spy Chief Being Treated for Suspected Poisoning
EU Quadruples Funding for Ukraine Military Training
Russia's Harbor Defenses in Sevastopol in Disarray After Storm
Putin Accuses the West of Trying to 'Dismember and Plunder' Russia
Turkey Told NATO That Sweden Ratification Could Come Before Year-End, US Official Says
NATO's Stoltenberg Says Ukraine, Gaza Are Very Different Wars
Azerbaijan Summons Western Envoys Over Support for Arrested Journalists
Finland to Close Border With Russia for Two Weeks
German Air Force Plans Major Asia-Pacific Tour in 2024
Parthenon Marbles Row Derails Talks Between UK's Sunak, Greece's Mitsotakis
Belgium Joins European Next-Generation Fighter Program
Romania Plans to Spend $2 Billion on Short-Range Air Defenses
Pakistan Court Orders Ex-PM Imran Khan's Open Trial Inside Jail Premises
Philippine Govt, Communist Rebels to Resume Talks on Ending Their Protracted Conflict
South Korea Delays Its Own Spy Satellite Liftoff, Days After North's Satellite Launch
The Americas
Argentina's Milei Seeks Foreign Policy, IMF Reset in Washington Trip
Canada's Top Admiral Says Navy Staff, Resource Needs in 'Critical State'
UN Warns That Gang Violence Is Overwhelming Haiti's Once Peaceful Central Region
Mexican Govt Gives Military Control of Four More Airports
Burkina Faso's State Media Says Hundreds of Rebels Have Been Killed Trying to Seize Vulnerable Town
DR Congo Opposition Party Says Activist Killed in Violence at Election Rally
Niger's Military Government Repeals Anti-Migration Law After Eight Years

13 Sierra Leone Military Officers Are Under Arrest for Trying to Stage a Coup, a Minister Says

Togo: Over 30 Dead in 'Terrorist Attacks' in 2023
Israel Not Letting Enough Fuel Into Gaza: EU
Separated Palestinians Use Truce to Reunite With Loved Ones
One-Star Ratings and Threats: How Review-Bombing Is Shaping the Gaza War
US Sends First of Three Military Planes With Gaza Aid
Israeli Authorities Extend Detention of Al-Shifa Hospital Director for 45 Days
Delayed by War, Gaza's Olive Harvest Is Too Little, Too Late, Say Farmers
UN Aid Chief Heads to Jordan for Talks to Open Second Crossing Into Gaza
Erdogan Tells UN Chief Israel Must Be Tried in International Courts for Gaza Crimes
In Gaza, Little Solace in Truce as People Endure Grief and Deprivation
French Warship Docks in Egypt, Could Treat Gaza Children This Week: Minister
Israel Might Be Stealing Organs From Dead Palestinians: NGO
What Is Israel's Administrative Detention System?
Freed Israeli Hostage Describes Conditions Under Hamas
US Rights Advocates Launch Hunger Strike for Israel-Hamas Ceasefire
Infant Hostage's Family Pleads for Release Amid Israel-Hamas Truce
Israeli Forces Kill Two Palestinian Teens in West Bank
'Israeli Prisons Became a Graveyard for Us': Freed Palestinian Child Prisoner Speaks Out
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 12 Killed

Belgium Contributes $802,000 for Demining Efforts in Iraq

Armed Groups Recruited 2,990 Children in Syria Between 2021-2022: UN Report
Burning Trash to Stay Warm, Displaced Syrians Struggle to Survive Winter
Sudan Violence Flares, as Atrocities Reported in Darfur
Sudanese General Accuses UAE of Supplying Paramilitary RSF
The War at Home
Sailor's Death Ruled a Suicide by Medical Examiner, 4th One at Naval Base Kitsap This Year
Group Stages 'Die-Ins' Across Washington, DC, to Raise Awareness for Gaza
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