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Updated February 16, 2024 - 8:36 PM EST
IDF Says Hamas Will Not Be Defeated in Gaza War
Egypt Builds Camp for Palestinians on Gaza Border
  After Call With Biden, Netanyahu Rejects 'International Dictates'
  Israel Killed 75% of Journalists in War Zones Last Year
  Israeli Forces Storm Besieged Gaza Hospital
US Cyberattack on Alleged Iranian Spy Ship
  Hezbollah Fires Rockets at N. Israel After Deadliest Day of Strikes
House OKs Bill Prohibiting Normalizing With Syria
House Disclosed 'Threat' to Get Ukraine Aid Passed
US Launches Airstrike in Somalia
Biden White House: FISA Good, Warrants Bad
Amnesty Says Drop the Charges Against Julian Assange
item The Unrepentant West: The Right To Commit Genocide in Gaza  by Ramzy Baroud
item A Principled Libertarian Stance Amidst Israel's Mass Slaughter in Gaza  by Kym Robinson
item Bombing Muslims for Peace
by William J. Astore
item An Ex-CIA Agent Looks Back at 22 Years of Torture at Guantanamo  by John Kiriakou

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IDF Let Israeli Civilians Film Torture of Palestinian Detainees: Report
China Slams Deaths of Two Chinese Fishermen After Taiwan Coastguard Chase
European Coalition to Rush First-Person-View Drones to Ukraine
Ukraine Says It Is Withdrawing Some Troops in Avdiivka to More Secure Positions
Ukraine Needs $486 Billion to Recover, Rebuild After Nearly Two Years of War: World Bank
NATO Chief Warns US Aid Delay Harming Ukraine's Battle Against Russia
Russia Seen as Highly Unlikely To Put a Nuclear Warhead in Space
Six People Are Killed, 18 Injured by a Missile Strike in the Russian City of Belgorod
United Kingdom
In a London Borough Home to Many Muslims, Labour Loses Appeal Over Gaza
UK Economy Slips Into Recession, Official Data Shows
Ursula Von Der Leyen Calls on EU To Subsidize Defense Production
EU Not Interested in Extending Russian Gas Transit Deal Via Ukraine
Ireland and Spain Demand EU Reviews Israel Trade Deal Over Rights Obligations
US OKs Potential Sale of Missiles and Bombs to Italy: Pentagon
Canadian NATO Troops in Latvia Get Air-Defense, Anti-Tank Upgrades
Imran Khan Was Dethroned at General's Behest: JUI-F Party Chief
Ex-Pakistan Premier Imran Khan Nominates Omar Ayub as PM Candidate: Aide
US Concerned About Reports of Intimidation, Voter Suppression in Pakistan Election
India's Supreme Court Scraps Electoral Bonds, Calls Them 'Unconstitutional'
What Are India's Electoral Bonds, the Secret Donations Powering Modi's Political Party?
Australian Defense Industry Concern Grows Over US-Style Export Controls

Panic in Kashmir as Police Survey Seeks Personal Details, Links With Alleged Rebels
Palau's President Raises Threat of Pivot to Beijing if US Funds Are Delayed Further
Anxious About US Funding Delay, Pacific Island Nations Warn About China
South Korea Says Opening Diplomatic Relations With Cuba Would Shock North Korea
Philippines Arrests Suspect on US Terror Watchlist
The War at Home
Nearly Half of Voters Think It's Likely Biden Will Be Replaced as Nominee, a New Poll Shows
Foreign Aid Bill Resurfaces House Democrats' Israel Tensions
US Navy to Establish Second Surface Drone Unit This Spring
Lockheed Vows Steady F-35 Production Despite Pentagon Order Cut
SpaceX Launches Private Odysseus Lander as US Shoots for Moon

Trouble at US Space Force as Multibillion-Dollar Program Canceled

SpaceX Launches Military Satellites Tuned To Track Hypersonic Missiles
Wartime Medicine Shortage Deepens Gazan Suffering

Exodus From Rafah as Israel Ramps Up Strikes on South Gaza

Gaza Post-War Reconstruction Estimated at $20 Billion: UN Trade Body
Gaza Doctors Measure Children for Malnutrition
China Demands Israel Halt Military Operations in Rafah
Blinken Says Gaza Hostage Deal Still Possible but 'Very Hard' Issues Remain
Israel Asks World Court To Reject Request for Rafah Emergency Orders
World Leaders Warn Israel Against 'Catastrophic' Rafah Ground Offensive
Energy Firms Face Legal Threat Over Israeli Licences to Drill for Gas Off Gaza
Israel Complains After Vatican Denounces 'Carnage' and Disproportionate Response in Gaza
Israel Lays Siege to Gaza Hospital as Rafah Stares Death in the Face
Will Israel Release Marwan Barghouti, the 'Palestinian Mandela'?
Marwan Barghouti Transferred to Solitary Confinement
US Sanctions on Israeli Settlers Are 'Not Enough' and Merely 'Symbolic', Says Expert
Israel Mulls Palestinian Military Conscription
Biden and Bibi Discuss Gaza Hostage Talks, Rafah and Aid in Their 2nd Call This Week
Which Countries Have Stopped Supplying Arms to Israel?
US Investigators Visit Homes of Two Palestinian-American Teens Killed in the West Bank
Ireland To Give UNRWA 20 Million Euros After Key Donors Suspend Aid
Middle East

Kuwait Dissolves Its Parliament Again Amid Years of Political Gridlock in Oil-Rich Nation

Photos: Israeli Air Strikes Kill 10 Civilians in Southern Lebanon
DR Congo Rebel Attacks on Gold Mine and South African Soldiers Kill 14
Wars, Disintegration of Regional Blocs Top Agenda at 37th African Union Summit
Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger Discuss New Confederation
Ethiopia Rejects Allegations Its Forces Massacred Civilians as the West Urges an Investigation

Senegal Court Rules Government's Postponement of Feb. 25 Presidential Vote Was Illegal

Nigeria Mulls State Policing To Combat Growing Insecurity
Haiti Gang Wars Block Aid Routes for Most Vulnerable, UN Agency Says
Haiti Says It Is Working on an Agreement With Kenya To Secure a Long-Awaited Police Deployment
Latin America
Ecuador President Noboa Ratifies Military Cooperation Agreements With US
Venezuela Orders UN Human Rights Office to Close, Accusing It of Anti-Government Activity
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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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