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Updated February 19, 2024 - 9:11 PM EST
US To Veto Gaza Ceasefire at UN Security Council
  Israel Rejects 'International Diktats' on Palestinian State
  Qatar: Israel-Hamas Hostage Talks 'Not Very Promising'
  ICJ Calls on Israel to Prevent 'Increase of Humanitarian Nightmare'
IDF Says Hamas Will Not Be Defeated in Gaza War
  US To Send More Bombs to Israel for Gaza Slaughter
  US Official: Israel Makes It 'Virtually Impossible' to Distribute Gaza Aid
  Nasser Hospital 'Completely' Knocked Out of Service by Ongoing Raid
Israel Was Behind Attacks on Gas Pipelines in Iran
  New US Sanctions on Houthis That Block Yemen Peace Go Into Effect
Ukraine Withdraws From Key Donbas City of Avdiivka
  New Poll: 70% of Americans Want Talks To End War in Ukraine
item The Ukraine War Runs on Lies  by James W. Carden
item Washington, Pro-Democracy? Depends on the Country
 by Ted Snider
item Good Money After Bad in Ukraine?  by Ray McGovern & Lawrence Wilkerson
item How the CIA Destabilizes the World  by Jeffrey D. Sachs

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Consortium News' Coverage of This Week's Julian Assange Hearing
In Jerusalem's Old City, Israeli 'Siege' Forces Palestinian Shops To Close
Sen. Vance Opposes Ukraine Aid at Munich Security Conference
First Ukrainian F-16 Pilots Will Complete Training as Soon as May
Ukraine Using Thousands of Networked Microphones To Track Russian Drones
Ukraine Military Says It Repelled Russian Offensive on Southern Front
Biden Says He Told Zelensky He's 'Confident' US Will Renew Aid to Ukraine
Ukraine Claims It Shot Down 3 Russian Sukhoi Fighter Jets
Ukraine's Electronic Warfare Capabilities Help Anticipate Russian Attacks
Zelensky Offers Trump a Tour of Ukraine's Frontline
Ukraine Accuses Russia of Executing Injured Prisoners at Avdiivka, Vesele
Ukraine War Has Cost Russia Up to $211 Billion, Pentagon Says
Alexey Navalny's Team Confirms His Death, Calls for Body to Be Returned
Hundreds Detained Across Russia at Rallies in Memory of Navalny
Brazil's Lula Says Navalny's Death Should Be Probed Before Accusations
Lindsey Graham: Designate Russia a State Sponsor of Terrorism
Germany's Scholz Says Confident of NATO Future Security Guarantees
German Government Approves Military Participation in EU Red Sea Mission
Zelensky Signs 'Historic' Security Pact With Germany
United Kingdom
Britain Lets Ukrainian Refugees Stay for Another 18 Months
UK Intel: Russia's Coastal Defense System Can Now Launch Ship-Based Hypersonics
Belarus President Lukashenko Says Saboteurs Detained on Border With Ukraine
Belgian PM Backs EU Bonds To Boost Defense Spending
Hungary's Govt Declines Offer To Meet US Senators Seeking Approval for Sweden's NATO Bid
US Peacekeepers Ready To Prevent Violence in North Kosovo, Commander Says
Turkey and Greece To Join European Missile Shield
Khan's PTI Calls for Judicial Commission To Probe Ex-Rawalpindi Commissioner's Rigging Revelations
Pakistan Commissioner Says Poll Results 'Manipulated' Under His Watch; Election Commission Rejects Claims
X, Formerly Twitter, Faces Countrywide 'Restriction' in Pakistan
Pakistan Official Admits Helping To Rig Election Results
Top Diplomats From US, China Hold 'Constructive' Talks on Issues Dividing Them
China and Ukraine Agree on Need for Contact as Foreign Ministers Meet in Munich
China Foreign Minister Warns Against Decoupling at Munich Security Conference
Japan's New Flagship H3 Rocket Reaches Orbit in a Key Test After Failed Debut Last Year
North Korea: Kim Yo Jong Opens Door to Improved Ties With Japan

Thousands Seek To Quit Myanmar After Military Draft Announcement

Residents of Philippine Island Facing Taiwan Urged To Join Military
The War at Home
Texas To Build 80-Acre Border Base for National Guard Troops
Survey 1 in 3 US Navy Sailors Experiences Extreme Stress
How the US Is Preparing to Fight a War in Space
Air Force Recruiting Rebounds While Army, Navy Still Struggle
Space Force Cancels Classified Military Satellite Project
Traumatic Brain Injuries Linked to Risk of Brain Cancer in Study of Veterans
Children Sleep in Chicken Cages in Rafah as Families Grow Desperate To Find Shelter

Israel's Givati Brigade Troops Refuse To Rejoin Gaza War

Israel's Defense Chief Says Military 'Thoroughly Planning' Offensive in Crowded Gaza Border Town
Gaza Nasser Hospital 'Not Functional Anymore': WHO Chief
Gaza Health Ministry Says Nasser Hospital Has Lost Power
Brazil's Lula Compares Israel's War on Gaza With the Holocaust
Some of the Prominent Palestinian Academics and Scientists Killed by Israel
Hamas Leader Haniyeh Blames Israel for Gaza Ceasefire Delays
As Israel Corners Rafah, Netanyahu Defies the World
State Department 'Discrimination' Traps Relatives of Palestinian Americans in Gaza
Over 50 Palestinians Killed as Israel's Genocidal War on Gaza Continues
Five Patients Die as Oxygen Runs Out in Gaza Hospital Seized by Israeli Forces, Health Officials Say
Israel Says Over 100 Arrests Made in Gaza Hospital Raid
Marwan Barghouti in Solitary Confinement in Ramla Prison
Indian Union Refuses to Load Ships With Arms Headed for Israel
Macron Says Recognizing a Palestinian State Is Not a Taboo for France
African Leaders Condemn Israel's Offensive in Gaza
World Health Organization Trying To Get Access to Gaza Hospital After Raid
Eurovision Confirms Israel Can Compete in Song Contest
Al Jazeera Slams Israel Over 'Hamas' Charge

Two Dead in Shooting at Bus Stop in Southern Israel

Israeli Police and Shin Bet 'Disagree on Al-Aqsa Restrictions' During Ramadan
Millions Show Solidarity With Palestinians in Demonstrations Across Globe
US Investigators Probe Killings of Palestinian Americans by Israel
Israel's Netanyahu Dismisses Calls for Early Election as Thousands Protest
'Systematic Torture': to Be Palestinian in an Israeli Prison
Israel Out to Destroy UNRWA, Says Agency Chief
Which Countries Are Still Funding UNRWA Amid Israel's War on Gaza?
Norway to Facilitate Transfer of Funds to Palestinian Authority
Yemen's Houthis Fire Missiles at British Oil Tanker Bound for India
Houthis Say They Attacked Bulk Carrier in Gulf of Aden
European Red Sea Naval Task Force Set To Launch Monday
Hezbollah 'Could Cripple Israel's Power Grid in a Major War'
Missile From Lebanon Hits Northern Town of Shtula, Says IDF
DR Congo
'Bomb' Hits DR Congo Airport as Fighting Flares in Restive East
US 'Strongly Condemns' Violence in DR Congo After Alleged Drone Attack
US Condemns Rwanda's Support of Armed M23 Rebels in DR Congo and Calls for Troop Withdrawal
Sudan's Army Claims First Major Advance
Sudan's Army Is Investigating a Video Purportedly Showing Troops Carrying Severed Heads
Egypt To Make Argument Before ICJ Against Israel's Practices
Nigeria's Currency Has Fallen to a Record Low. How Did Things Get So Bad?
Protestors Keep Pressure on Senegal's President to Hold Elections as Soon as Possible
Somalia President Accuses Ethiopia of Trying to Annex Part of Its Territory
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