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Updated May 14, 2024 - 9:29 PM EDT
Israeli Ministers March for Settlements in Gaza
US Army Officer Resigns Over Gaza Slaughter
  Lindsey Graham Suggests Israel Should Nuke Gaza
  White House Again Denies Israel Is Committing Genocide in Gaza
  American Doctors Trapped in Gaza, Facing Dehydration
UN Clarifies Gaza Death Toll Hasn't Changed
  Israel Unleashes Heaviest Bombing in Months
  Israeli Protesters Block Aid Convoy Headed to Gaza
Ukraine's Kharkiv Commander Replaced, Russia Advances
  Ukraine Says EU Plan for $3 Billion Per Year Is 'Almost Nothing'
Sweden Is Open to Hosting NATO Nuclear Weapons
China Denies Philippine Claim About Artificial Island
item Goodbye to Pete McCloskey,
An Antiwar Hero
 by Connor Freeman
item The Abraham Accords Further Complicated America's Place in the Middle East  by Aaron Sobczak
item NATO's New Burden-Sharing Objectives  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Macklemore Dares Others To Stand Up for Palestine  by Dave Zirin

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Israel Orders Evacuation of Kuwait Hospital in Gaza's Rafah
Lavrov: If West Wants To Solve Ukraine Conflict on Battlefield, 'So Be It'
Hezbollah Says Will Keep Fighting if Israel Presses on With Assault on Gaza
Germany Buys Three HIMARS for Ukraine
EU Draws Up Long-Term Security Commitments to Ukraine
Serbia Reaffirms Support for Ukraine but Holds Back on Sanctions
United Kingdom
UK's Labour Calls for 'Pause' in Israel Arms Sales as Cameron Dithers
UK Charges Three With Working for Hong Kong Intelligence
Court Confirms German Intelligence Surveillance of 'Extremist' AFD
German MPs Call for 70KM NATO Air Defense Zone Around Ukraine
Armenia Detains 156 Protesters Opposed to Azerbaijan Land Deal
Catalonia's Separatist Leader Quits, Refuses To Back Socialists To Form Regional Government
Three Killed in Protest Clashes in Pakistan's Kashmir
Pakistan Approves $86 Million Grant for Kashmir Region After Violent Protests
Pakistan PM Steps Down as Ruling Party President, Nawaz Sharif Poised To Take Charge
IMF, Islamabad Open Talks for a New Loan, Says Pakistan Finance Ministry
Japan's Military Build-Up Strained by Sexual Harassment Issues

Kashmir's Srinagar Votes in First Election Since 2019

Reports of Army Killing of Villagers in Myanmar Supported by Photos and Harrowing Tale of a Survivor
Australian Court Lifts Social Media Ban on Sydney Church Stabbing Video
Australian War Crimes Whistleblower to Find Out Fate, Jail Time
The War at Home
Soldier Dies in Training Accident at Fort Johnson, Louisiana
B-2 That Caught Fire in 2022 Won't Be Fixed, Air Force Confirms
RSF Accused of Running Secret Execution Chambers in the Sudanese Capital
Use of Fire as Weapon in Sudan War Surged Last Month, Study Finds
Egypt Tribal Group Calls for 'Alternative Crossing' After Israeli Invasion of Rafah
Egyptian Students Violently Detained for Supporting Pro-Palestine Movement
Rwanda Denies Arming Rebels in Burundi Grenade Attack
Nigerian Gunmen Seek Talks After Abducting Dozens, Families Say
Turkish Intelligence Eliminates High-Ranking PKK Leader in Iraq
Turkey Recruits Syrians To Fight in Africa Under Supervision of Sultan Murad Division
Misery Deepens in Gaza's Rafah as Israeli Troops Press Operation
Extermination, Expulsion 'Identifiable Strategies' of Israel's War in Gaza
150,000 Pregnant Women in Gaza Suffer Amid Ongoing Genocide
Surgeon: I Was in Gaza. I Had to Saw a Child's Bone Without Proper Anesthetic
Israel Kills UN Aid Worker in Strike on UN-Flagged Vehicle in Rafah, Say Local Authorities
US, Europe Not Pressuring Israel for Gaza Truce: Turkish President Erdogan
Hamas Armed Wing Says It Lost Contact With Militants Guarding Four Israeli Hostages
Israel's Conduct in Gaza War Leading to Hamas 'Insurgency': Blinken
Hundreds Flee as Israeli's Ferocious Attack on Jabalia Refugee Camp Continues
US-Built Gaza Pier Could Start Operating in Next Few Days
Pro-Palestine Protests
UC Berkeley Chancellor Speaks Out About 'Gaza Brutality' at Graduation
Republican Donors Fund Group Doxxing Pro-Palestinian Students
Ben & Jerry's Board Says
Pro-Palestinian Campus Protests Are 'Essential' to Democracy
US University Ties to Weapons Contractors Under Scrutiny Amid War in Gaza
Amsterdam University Walkout: Staff Protest After Police Crackdown
Israel Used Three Palestinian Teenagers as Human Shields in Last Month's Tulkarm Raids

The Israeli Soldiers Who Took Their Own Lives While Fighting Hamas, Days After October 7

Why Are Social Media Users Blocking Celebrities Over Israel's Gaza War?

A History of US Presidents Drawing Red Lines With Israel

Israel Strikes Hezbollah Targets in Three Locations in Southern Lebanon
Four IDF Soldiers Wounded by Anti-Tank Missiles Fired From Lebanon
Hezbollah Targets Israeli Soldiers With 'Mughniyeh' Missile
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 16 Killed
Five Iraqi Soldiers Killed in ISIS Attack, Sources Say
Powerful Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Sadr Girds for Political Comeback
Iraq's Bid To End UNAMI Sparks Controversy, Caution
Kuwait Just Made Biggest Changes in Years. What Happened?
Kuwait Arrests Former MP Who Criticized Dissolution of Parliament
Middle East
In Red Sea, US Navy Paying the Price of Shipbuilding Failures
Iran Reaffirms Commitment to Peaceful Nuclear Program: Kanaani
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The Israeli State’s Assault on Gaza Must Stop

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Throwing Good Money After Bad in Ukraine?

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Biden Makes Americans Targets in the Middle East, Then Campaigns on Their Deaths

David R. Henderson
How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

Patrick J. Buchanan
Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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