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Updated June 10, 2024 - 9:15 PM EDT
US Drone Flights Over Gaza Supported Massacre
  Rescued Israeli Hostage: 'Our Greatest Fear Was Israeli Planes'
Israel's Gantz Quits War Cabinet, Calls for Elections
  Netanyahu Address to Congress Set for July 24th
Ukrainian NGO Smears
  US Announces $225 Million Weapons Package for Ukraine
Macron Wants To Finalize Ukraine Deployment
  Macron Calls Snap Election After Far-Right Triumph in EU Vote
US and UK Strikes Killed 16 Civilians in Yemen
Biden To Offer Saudi Treaty for Ties With Israel
Israeli Airstrikes Kill Four in Southern Lebanon
China Urges US To 'Reflect' on Nuclear Arms Policy
item US-Backed Ukrainian Publication Releases New 'Enemies List'  by Daniel McAdams
item Who's Minding the Stockpile of US Weapons Going to Israel?  by Janet Abou-Elias
item NATO When You Don't Want It; No NATO When You Do  by Ted Snider
item Zelensky's Peace Summit Is Just an Echo Chamber  by Ian Proud

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Bahrain Sent Message Through Russia To Normalize Ties With Iran: Official
Israel White Phosphorous Attacks on Lebanon Harming People and Ecosystem
Dozens Killed Near Sudan's Capital as UN Warns of Soaring Displacement
'I Heard All of My Friends' Last Breath': Testimonies From the Nuseirat Massacre
Israel Cannot Force Its Choices on Hamas, Group's Leader Says
Hamas Alleges Israeli Forces Killed Captives During Nuseirat 'Massacre'
Israel Is 'Targeting' Gaza's Fishermen Amid Famine
55 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Attacks in Central Gaza, Health Official Says
'My Son Is Gone': Palestinians Caught Up in Israel's Hostage Raid
World Leaders Praise Rescue of Gaza Captives – and Fail To Mention Hundreds of Dead Palestinians
Hundreds of Gaza-Bound Aid Trucks Pile Up as Israel Occupies Rafah Border
Gaza Town Says Mayor Killed in Israeli Strike on Water Station
Where New Tent Cities Are Rising in Central Gaza
US Seeks To Derail Arab Plan for Palestinian State
Gaza War 'May Be a Curtain Call' for International Order, Amnesty Chief Warns
Gaza Faces Water Crisis as Israel Targets Wells and Pipelines
Israel Rejects UNSC Resolution in Support of Own Ceasefire Proposal
The Genocide in Israeli Prisons
UN Adding Israel to 'Blacklist' of Countries Harming Children in Conflict
Former State Official: Is Biden's Peace Plan Too Little, Too Late?
'I Think This Is Wrong': Pelosi Comes Out Against Netanyahu's Congress Invite
Gaza War Protesters Slam Biden in 'Red Line' Rally at White House
NAACP Joins Growing Chorus Demanding Biden Halt Arms Shipments to Israel
The Harvard Graduating Students Denied Their Degrees Over Palestine Protest
Israeli Soldier Commits Suicide After Receiving Orders To Return to Gaza
Israel's Kill List From UN School Contains People 'Still Alive', 'Living Abroad'
Calls To End Gaza 'Bloodbath' After Israeli Attack Kills 274 Palestinians
Israel 'Disgusted' at Inclusion on New UN Human Rights Blacklist
Jewish Extremists Clash With Palestinians, Burn Fields in West Bank Town
War With Israel Would Deepen Lebanon's Myriad Crises
'Israel Cannot Win Against Hezbollah or Hamas': Israeli General
Hezbollah Deploys New Missile in Latest Anti-Israeli Operation
US Told PKK/YPG Not To Hold Local Polls in Syria: Sources
Car Bomb Kills 2 Near Iran Cultural Center in East Syria: Monitor
Projectiles Strike Ships Off Yemen: Security Firms
Yemen's Houthis Detain 11 UN Staff, Aid Workers
Two Killed by Ukrainian Attacks in Donetsk and Kherson, Russia Says
Another Ukrainian Drone Shot Down Over Belgorod Region: Russian Defense Ministry
Energy Drinks Boost Ukraine's Soldiers, and Its Economy
Biden, Macron Reach Agreement on Using Russian Assets for Ukraine
Danish Police Believe Attack on Prime Minister Was Not Politically Motivated
Far-Right Gains in the EU Election Deal Stunning Defeats to France's Macron and Germany's Scholz
US Ambassador Slams Hungary for Relying on Russian Energy, but the US Remains a Huge Buyer of Russian Uranium
Afghanistan Issues Should Be Priority for Neighbors' Foreign Policy: Iran
China, Pakistan Call for Inclusive Govt in Afghanistan
Pakistan's Army Says Bomb Blast Kills Seven Soldiers
India's Rahul Gandhi Nominated as Opposition Leader After Election Gains
At Least Nine Dead After Suspected Militants in Kashmir Fire at Hindu Pilgrims, Sending Bus Into Gorge

North Korea Resumes Flying Balloons in Likely Bid To Drop Trash on South Korea Again, Seoul Says

South Korea to Restart Anti-Pyongyang Loudspeaker Relays After Rubbish Balloons
UN Aid for Sudan Severely Underfunded, as Famine Looms
Sudan's Villages Take Up Arms but Powerless To Stop RSF Massacres
RSF Raid on El Fasher Only Hospital Puts Critical Medical Care in Peril
Sudan on Edge of 'World's Largest Humanitarian Crisis,' Cindy McCain Warns
DR Congo
Death Toll Rises to 41 in Attack on Eastern Congo Villages
Three Americans Implicated in a Coup Attempt in DR Congo Go on Trial Before a Military Court
Middle East
Six Candidates Approved To Run for Iran's Presidency, Conservatives Hold Edge
King Salman Issues Royal Order To Host Further 1,000 Family Members of Palestinian Victims for Hajj
Latin America
Colombia Says It Will Halt Coal Sales to Israel Over War in Gaza
Kenyan Police To Deploy to Haiti Within Weeks: Ruto
Mexico Councilwoman Killed After Bloodiest-Ever Elections
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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