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Updated June 23, 2024 - 9:13 PM EDT
IDF: Rafah Crossing Destroyed, No Longer Usable
  Pentagon To Resume Gaza Aid Pier for Now
  Report: Israel Plans More Assassinations of Hamas Figures
  IDF: Goal of Eliminating Hamas Is Unachievable
IDF Report of Many Friendly-Fire Deaths on Oct 7
  Netanyahu Claims US Has Held Up Arms Transfers for Months
  Netanyahu Says Ben-Gvir Leaked State Secrets, Government in Crisis
  Netanyahu's Aides Warned Him Not To Post Video Attacking the US
US: Kiev May Strike 'Anywhere' on Russia Border
  US To Give Ukraine Priority Access to New Air Defense Interceptors
  Putin Says NATO Threatening Security in Asia for Russia
US-Supported Rutte Is Next NATO Secretary Gen.
US Approves $360 Million Arms Sale to Taiwan
As Israel Talks Lebanon War, Officials Evacuate Border Town
Congress Debates Women and the Draft, but Not War
item When US Officials Show You Who They Are, Believe Them  by Norman Solomon
item Blinken Is Dragging the US Ever Deeper Into Israel's Quagmire  by David Hearst
item Terribly Lopsided, Very Cruel War Continues  by Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr.
item The Dangerous 'Anti-Semitism Awareness' Act  by Richard Eskow

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MoD Admits Special Forces Could Block Afghan Counterparts From UK
Nearly 50,000 Palestinians Reported Dead, Missing in Gaza
Cyprus Not Part of Mideast War, Its President Says After Hezbollah Threats
Ukraine's Anti-Graft Agency Under Pressure Over Suspected Leak
European Union Imposes Sanctions on Russian LNG for First Time
Russian Invasion Has Forced 6.5 Million Ukrainians to Flee Country, UN Says
Putin 'Does Not Rule Out' Sending Weapons to North Korea
Putin Says South Korea Would Be Making 'A Big Mistake' if It Supplies Arms to Ukraine
As Putin Visits, Vietnam Says Will Boost Ties With Russia for Global Peace
Putin Says Russia Is Considering Changing Its Nuclear Doctrine
Poland To Send 20 Soldiers To Help Secure Paris Olympics
EU To Ban Re-Export of Russian LNG
Germany To Order 105 Leopard Tanks To Equip German Brigade in Lithuania
As Arms Sales Boom, Norway's Kongsberg Opens Missile Factory
European Nations Order $100 Million in 155mm Shells From Singapore Firm
Sweden Court Acquits Former Syrian General of Alleged War Crimes
Philippines Demands China Pay for Damage After Hostilities in Disputed Sea
Lawmakers in Philippines Push for Probe Into Pentagon's Anti-Vax Propaganda Operation
US To Focus on Deepening Ties With Vietnam After Putin's Hanoi Visit
South Korea Will Consider Supplying Arms to Ukraine After Russia and North Korea Sign Strategic Pact
Kanaky New Caledonia Unrest: 'Everything Is Negotiable, Except Independence'
Biden Administration to Give Haiti Nearly $110 Million in Security Aid, Blinken Says
Peruvian Soldiers Found Guilty of Rapes Committed During Civil War in Historic Verdict
Venezuelan Presidential Candidates Agree To Respect Election Results, Main Opposition Abstains
The War at Home
TikTok Says US Refused To Engage in Serious Settlement Talks
Yellen Says US Ties With Vietnam Don't Require It To Sever Ties With Russia, China
US Prepares To Open New Training Site for Foreign F-35 Pilots
Free Speech, Press Freedom Orgs Urge DA Not to Prosecute Stanford Student Journalist Arrested Covering Pro-Palestine Rally
Israel's Pledge To Guard an Aid Route Into Gaza Falls Flat as Lawlessness Blocks Distribution
Due to Israel's War, Baby Milk, and Formula Is Impossible To Find in Gaza
Probe Urged After Gaza Doctor Iyad Rantisi Dies in Israeli Detention
Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Block Highway in Protest Against IDF Enlistment
Deadly Clashes Erupt in West Bank After Elderly Israeli Killed in Carjacking
UNRWA Says 67% of Water, Sanitation Infrastructure Destroyed in Gaza
Largest European Companies Arming Israel and Their Financiers: Report
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Teenager Amid Mass Arrest Campaign in West Bank
Egyptian Exports to Israel Double in 2024, UAE and Jordan Exports Also Surge
'Only US Standing in Way' of Palestinian Statehood: UN Permanent Observer of Palestine
Israel High Court Concerned About Ben-Gvir's Powers Over Police
Dua Lipa Says She Is Willing To Risk Backlash for Criticizing Israel
UN Experts Say Firms Sending Arms to Israel Could Be Complicit in Abuses
Turkish Goods Shipped to Israel Via Greece Despite Official Ban
No Normalization With Israel Without Palestinian State: Saudi Ambassador to UK
Hezbollah Fires Rockets at Israel After Fighter Killed
Israeli Drone Attack on Car Killed One in Southern Lebanon
Hezbollah Bombards Israeli Military Sites, Assembly Points

US Forces Destroy Two Houthi Sites in Yemen

Video: Houthis Show Methods Used To Sink the Bulker Tutor
Middle East
Iran Says Canada Terror Designation for Guards 'Hostile'
Iraqi Warplanes Strike Suspected ISIS Hideouts in Kirkuk
Sudan's RSF Captures Key Army Stronghold of El-Fula
Sudanese Authorities Arrest Ethiopian Females Accused of Being Snipers for RSF
Sudan One of World's 'Worst Crises' in Decades: Medical Charity
Somalia Asks Peacekeepers To Slow Withdrawal, Fears Islamist Resurgence
Libyans Seek Unity and Elections, UN Envoy Says
Kenya Police Use Tear Gas, Water Cannon as Hundreds Protest Over Tax Hikes
Burkina Faso Junta Leader Denies Reports of Army Mutiny
UN Security Council Warns of 'Volatile' DR Congo Rebel Activity
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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