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Antiwar Radio hosts Scott Horton and Charles Goyette discuss the neocons fondness for Hillary Clinton, their origin as a movement of freedom-hating Communists, the fight between the Pentagon and the VP’s office over Iran, the Ron Paul Revolution, America’s dictatorship in Pakistan, the disastrous legacy of Woodrow Wilson, Nancy Pelosi’s games, the DoD honey pot and the destruction of Iraq.

MP3 here. (37:11)

Scott Horton is assistant editor at and is director of Antiwar Radio.

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  1. HI…you may have already heard my song about my son in Iraq…”A Mother’s Heart.” I have gotten tons of e mail about the song and have been doing some radio phoners across the midwest. I would love to be a guest on your show and discuss the REAL meaning behind the song, why I wrote it and why I released it against the “good advice” of the USARMY! You can hear it on my website or I can e mail you the new “watered down” radio version. The song utilized words and thoughts from my son’s letters and e mails while he was deployed last year. Since he is due to re-deploy in December, I felt so overwhelmed that I had to DO something. It is a compelling three minute journey into the EXPERIENCE of war from my perspective. Am I for the war? Against it? You listen, you decide….if you can’t decide, then I will try to sort it out for you.

  2. The only thing that they have is a couple of passages from ghostwritten newsletter from over 15 years ago. The journalist who published the article in Houston discussing it even stated that he didn’t believe Ron Paul wrote the comments either.

    The only thing they have on him was he accidentally lent his name to a newsletter that he had nothing else to do with.

  3. I strongly recommend this interview for anyone who has ever considered voting for Hillary Clinton. This woman has cleverly positioned herself as an antiwar candidate who will “defend” women, children, & the middle class. But her campaign is a cynical distraction from the main agenda, namely to increase statism, expand executive power, and continue US interventionist foreign policy.

  4. Scott,
    You mentioned something about Hilary having had nudged Bill into the Serbian war.

    That info could be very useful if RP eventually goes heads up with Hilary. Can you provide any sources for that information?

  5. Ron Paul seeks to end all the globaloney. Scott is right. The empire is an public works program for upper middle class, pseudo-intellectuals, countless unemployables, crackpot imperialists, and corporate welfare kings. Anyone with a basic understanding of human nature and history should appreciate that a nation cannot spend hundreds of billions of dollars on armaments without having it have an impact on policy. It’s not as if the military industrial complex sits back and waits for public policy to be formulated. The Pentagon and the corporations reliant on its largesse are not neutral players in the imperial game and foreign policy is designed to promote their own speicial interests at least as much as it is to promote national security. Any Blowback that occurs is considered an acceptable cost and actually may be helpful in creating the public hysteria necessary to maintaining the legitimacy of the empire. This isn’t a paranoid or crackpot analysis of the current state of affairs. It’s a condition that is inevitable with empire. President Eishenhower warned the nation of this confluence of interests when he coined the term “Military Industrial Complex” in 1961.

  6. Excerpt from a song i wrote, ‘compelled strata destruction’: this whole conflicts a scheme/palms gripped for green, land stripped of petroline/time to beget your dream: bush threats of sectarian deaths to common faces, watch him relapse, into a deplored abomination”

    “deafened by car bombs, sectarian hounds, revolutions not a whisper, revolutions not a sound/open your eyes, deceit blinds with depravity/ this revolution will not fall, not even from gravity”

  7. Comment 11-19-07–looks like someone has refreshed Admiral Fallon with the Neo-con Koolaid; his statements in Egypt over the weekend indicate that his aircraft carrier is being turned into the “politically correct” direction. Oh well. (Oi weh.)

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