yeah, that’s the ticket.

Paul Wolfowitz is now saying that fighting the war in Iraq is key to fighting the war against terror. In fact , he is now saying, that’s why the American army invaded Iraq- our intelligence was “murky” but surely everyone can see that without invading Iraq, America would face yet another World Trade Center massacre. Apparently what the new intellectual counteroffensive to justify the war consists of is this thought along with the notion that the deaths of the Hussein brothers have cleared the stage for the growth of democracy in Iraq. I remember listening to Sean Hannity last week announcing on his radio show that he was tired of being on the defensive about the Iraqi war and that the White House was coordinating this new attack to change the intellectual battlefield beginning that day. But the death of the Hussein brothers is underscoring the fact that the guerilla war has other sources besides the remnants of the Baathist regime and of course the relationship between that regime and the revolutionary Muslims is and has always been either non-existent or inconsequential. Nor have we heard much from the intellectual bodyguard of the War Party, with the exception of the Fox News crowd.