We’re Not Wrong, We’re Israel!

Typical Israeli tactics:
Hizbullah scores direct hit on Israeli bulldozer (poetic justice?) near Lebanese border.

Next day, Israel admits the soldier was INSIDE Lebanon.

Then today, Israeli fighter jets strike south Lebanon in retaliation.

"We deviated [from standard procedure] by going into Lebanon," Reuters reported Brigadier General Yair Golan as saying.

"From their [Hizbullah’s] standpoint [the attack] is legitimate, although not from ours," Brig Gen Golan said. "It is very serious and an escalation … it is a provocation by Hizbullah."

In other words, according to the Brig Gen, it doesn’t matter what us Jews do to wrong you, just don’t defend yourself or you’re evil and a provocateur, you genocidal ANTI-SEMITE!!!*spittle flecks*

Yes, I’m aware the US did this on a larger and slower scale with Iraq. And every other country and war in history. But Israel does this every second of every day, resulting in daily mini-wars like this one.

It’s just another demonstration of the mindboggling audacity with which Israel operates.

Yet another recent case is the trashing of an art exhibit in Sweden by the Israeli ambassador to that country. It was a pool of red water symbolizing blood, and floating on the water was a small boat with a picture of the female bomber who killed 19 at a restaurant in Haifa. The ambassador walked in, unplugged the lights, and hurled one of them into the water, and walked away. Sharon, of course, praises him, for his unilateral imposition of his personal morality on this Swedish museum.

Nevermind that the exhibit is by an Israeli artist. Nevermind that it was not
glorifying the bomber
(the good ambassador refused to read the accompanying text).You’re ruining the spectacle!

The exhibit was set up again and is still available to view. The Israeli ambassador is absolutely dumbfounded that the Swedish government has not taken down the work. If he, a Jew, thinks it’s evil, then it simply must be! But Sweden has this slight problem, you see, they rarely censor their media. Israel simply can’t understand why the Swedish government doesn’t just smash it up. After all, "it is impossible to justify … this exhibit in the name of freedom of expression." Smash it up and bulldoze the artist’s home! It’s what Israel would do!

But hey, it’s all good. At least the landlord is evicting Stockholm’s Israeli Embassy.