Liberation Update

The White House website has a page called “Renewal in Iraq” where it posts good news stories under the heading “Liberation Update.”

News accounts are painting vivid pictures of the joy and relief of free Iraqis, who are living without fear of Saddam’s brutality and beginning to enjoy freedoms unknown for decades. These voices have been silenced for too long, but now they are heard inside Iraq and around the world. For more personal stories of life under Saddam, visit Tales of Saddam’s Brutality.

Last update to this page: December 15, 2003. Has the White House given up trying to point out good news from Iraq? Maybe promoting the myths of the “liberation” became too hard to sustain in the face of contradictory evidence and they ran out of steam.

This page was pointed out by Micah Sify of The Iraq Reader, who has, besides this interesting nugget, an analysis of where things stand in Iraq that’s well worth reading.