All the cedars of Lebanon …

I’d give all the cedars of Lebanon to know how the “opposition” and their American amen corner will spin the latest news from the investigation into the assassination of Rafik Hariri:

“Lebanon’s investigations show that ex-Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri was almost certainly killed by a suicide car bomb, a judicial source close to the probe said on Friday. The source said results of the probe would be released next week. He expected them to show that a Muslim militant who had appeared in a video tape claiming responsibility for the attack was in the car that ripped through Hariri’s motorcade in Beirut on Feb. 14. ‘The attack happened when a car slowed up to allow Hariri’s motorcade to pass it. As the motorcade passed it, the car blew up,’ the source said. He said evidence came from a security camera at a nearby bank which caught parts of the incident. “

A “security camera,” eh? So, who are you going to believe — the transparently biased view of a “security camera,” which is obviously just part of an ongoing Syrian plot against Democracy and Goodness, or Walid Jumblatt, who thinks the U.S. bombed itself on 9/11
and also believes (along with the U.S. government, Charles Krauthammer, Glenn Reynolds, and all the Usual Suspects) that he was knocked off by the evil Syrians?

The story goes on to say that “Lebanon’s opposition and the international community have made revealing the identity of Hariri’s killers a key priority. ”

Yeah, well not anymore! Ever since the bomb went off, the Syrian “opposition” has been pushing a conspiracy theory that posits the existence of an underground bomb, which was (naturally!) planted by Syrian intelligence. Now they’ll start howling that this is all part of a “cover-up” — but how will they explain the DNA tests that point to the identity of the killer?:

“A previously unknown Islamist group said in a video aired a few hours after the bombing it had carried out a suicide attack against Hariri because he supported the Saudi government.
Lebanese security sources identified the man who read the statement as on the video as Ahmed Tayseer Abu Adas and authorities did DNA tests on the remains of a body found at the scene to establish they belonged to Abu Adas.”

So maybe there was something to the videotaped claim of responsibility by a “previously unknown” Al Qaeda-affiliated anti-Saudi group. Oh, but never mind all that: these are mere facts, which get in the way of “the revolution”! Move along — nothing to see here!

Syria didn’t kill Hariri. The Syrians may be brutes, but they aren’t dumb brutes. So who did?

Stay tuned ….

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