“Freedom” in Ukraine

If we peel back the outer “democratic” skin of Ukraine’s much-touted “Orange Revolution,” we find the same old same old: the newly-installed regime of Viktor Yushchenko is pulling the license of independent television station NTN to expand beyond the Kiev area. NTN had previously been given the go-ahead by two government agencies. The station is owned in part by Eduard Prutnik, a former advisor to Viktor Yanukovych — Yushchenko’s opponent during the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election.

Demonstrating the ridiculously easy time Yushchenko has in the “mainstream” media, exhibit “A” is a San Francisco Chronicle story about these shenanigans, with the Orwellian headline: “Yushchenko Vows to Safeguard Media Rights.”

Yeah, if you say so….

Ah yes, George W. Bush’s U.S. government-fundedglobal democratic revolution” is sweeping the world — ain’t it grand? And remember: you paid for it!