Columnist Jude Wanniski Passes Away

I woke this morning to terrible news: Jude Wanniski is dead of a heart attack. He was 69.

Jude was one of the leading ex-conservatives who had turned antiwar, and hard-core antiwar at that. His writings had been among the strongest antiwar articles featured in conservative publications. Earlier this month, Jude wrote a wonderful article urging people to support

Jude coined the term “supply-side economics.” Along with economist Arthur Laffer (of the Laffer Curve fame), Jude shaped modern-day conservative economics and influenced leaders including Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp and Steve Forbes. He was author of the 1978 book The Way the World Works,” named one of the 100 most influential books of the 20th century by the editors of the National Review. At the heart of the book is his 1978 discovery of the cause of the 1929 stock market crash, a discovery that vindicates the classical economics, which had been blamed for the crash and the Great Depression. He writings over many years appears on his Web sites, and Polyconomics. You can also read his writings on and, and listen to his radio interviews with Scott Horton.

Read his obituary.

He was one of the true conservatives who refused to abandon his principles when world events and the neocons brought pressure to bear.

We at mourn the loss of Jude: we will miss him a lot.