Classic War Movies

“Just in time for Father’s Day!” said the ad I recently received via e-mail. For only $22.99 I can get twelve double-side DVDs with a total of 50 war movies. Featured actors include Ronald Reagan, James Cagney, and Sidney Poitier. Why in the world would anyone think that a collection of war movies had anything to do with Father’s Day? Is not war the greatest killer of fathers and potential fathers?

See the entire collection here.

Author: Laurence Vance

Laurence Vance holds degrees in history, theology, accounting, and economics. He has written and published twelve books and regularly contributes articles and book reviews to both secular and religious periodicals.

2 thoughts on “Classic War Movies”

  1. A great gift for those fathers than understand history and apreciate the liberty we have is because of those who put thier lives on the line for all of us including liberal cowards

    1. Yeah, a great gift for the kids who are fatherless because their dad (or mom) has died in the war on terror.

      hmmm lets see, about 4,000 soldiers have died in Iraq, assuming that each has one child (some have more, some have less) lets say that 4,000 kids won't have a dad to celebrate fathers day with.

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