Kids These Days

It’s always amusing to watch the authoritarian Right respond to evidence of U.S. military atrocities. The same people who scream “Guilty!” and erect the gallows every time a sensational crime makes it into the Fox News rotation suddenly get all Phil Donahue on us when the accused is GI Joe. Rush to judgment! Context! Mitigating circumstances! Sometimes kids need killing!

Think that last one is hyperbole? Then you obviously aren’t acquainted with Michelle Malkin. Read this post, and make sure you catch the photos of Palestinian kids holding (or just near) weapons. Why Palestinians? Eh, they’re towelheads, close enough.

In some parallel universe, Michelle Malkin’s counterpart in the United States of al-Qaeda is “contextualizing” a massacre out on the fringes of the caliphate with photos of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.