Christiane Redeems Herself…a Bit

Against my better judgement tonight I was watching Larry King Live, and was witness to something that gave me a feeling that approached satisfaction — as close to such a feeling as one can get watching CNN.

Thanks to CNN transcripts, I don’t even have to paraphrase what I saw:

KING: Christiane Amanpour is in Jerusalem, Christiane, Kofi Annan is usually very diplomatic and careful. Were you surprised that he was so strikingly against Israel today?

And then here, as I watched, Christiane’s face displayed total shock — for an instant. She stuttered for about three seconds and then quickly cleaned herself up.

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR, CNN CHIEF INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well I mean, you know, you make that judgment about being against Israel. I’m not sure that’s what his statement said. It asked for a full investigation and it did say that it was apparently deliberate targeting.

And then he went on to say in the statement that the observation post was clearly marked, that his top general there had been in touch with the Israeli authorities all throughout the day about this and asking them to protect it. And the UNIFIL statement that was put out about these casualties said that they had had 14 very close firings in just this afternoon alone.

Larry quickly moved on to another correspondent after being all but handed his overtly pro-Israel ass.

Later in the show, he had two vomit-inducingly identical Senators on the show, one Democrat and one Republican, of course — one must have a “balance” of opinion. They each spat at different points the requisite “Israel has a right to defend herself,” and they each repeated many, many times that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and that “they started it.”

I shut the TV off when an Israeli spinmeister came on screen. The weird part is the two American Senators were 10 times more disgusting.

Anyway: Dear Christiane,

We almost forgive you for Kosovo.