How Many Hitlers Can You Have at Once?

Good Lord, Hugo Chavez calls Bush the devil in his speech at the UN, and CNN’s chattering doofuses are near tears. “He lifts himself up to the level of President Bush when he can talk about him in an insulting manner,” according to one “analyst.” (A TV “analyst” is someone who’s not good-looking enough to be an anchor.) Lifts himself up to the level of President Bush? What level is that?

Now they’re telling us that Chavez wants nukes. More about his horrible slights to our Dear Leader. (Say, what could Chavez possibly have against Dubya?) Shock and disgust that not everyone in the world loves the American government. How Chavez barbecues babies with Ahmadinejad and bin Laden. Actually, they haven’t gotten to that last bit yet – it’ll be in Carol Lin‘s eye-popping special report later.