Yglesias Shrugged

The reaction to the Hagel-for-President boom, on both the left and the neocon right, continues to confirm my jaundiced view of both: “Outside of the foreign policy realm,” avers Matt Yglesias, “there’s not much to like here from a liberal point of view.”

That’s pretty neat how Yglesias manages to shrug off the single most important issue in American politics today, and the number one concern of American voters. Not all lefty-liberals take such a sectarian stance, however. Here‘s a refreshingly rational view of Hagel’s possible White House bid from Robert Scheer, who opts for Hagel over the pro-war Hillary, because “Yes, the war is that important.”

Let’s be clear: the war isn’t just the most important issue, it is the only issue as long as it continues. The foreign policy of this nation represents the main danger not only to peace in the world, but to liberty here on the home front. The danger is so great that it constitutes an emergency, requiring all opponents of war and domestic repression, on the left and the right, to unite against the threat posed by the War Party.

The left has so far failed to come through with a viable antiwar candidate — and wouldn’t it be ironic to see a winning antiwar presidential candidate emerge from the GOP? It’s just the kind of joke history would play on the neocons — and I know I won’t be the only one laughing.