A ‘Blonde’ on a Bum Trip

It was only a matter of time before the World War IV crowd started in on the Virginia Tech massacre: one could hear an audible sigh of disappointment coming from the neocon precincts of the blogosphere as the news came across the wire that the killer was South Korean. Not an Arab –not even a Muslim! Damn!

Oh, but wait ….

The news that the Lone Nut had the words “Ismail Ax” written on his arm when he died provoked a paroxysm of hope in the hearts of our haters. And, naturally, Debbie Schlussel beat Ann Coulter and her imitators to the punch.  Debbie is a bleach-blonde triple-D-cup bimbo-pundit who sounds like a New York Post editorial and looks like someone with second billing at a tenderloin strip joint. She’s been peddling her … shtick for years as the neocons’ Madame Defarge, and if there’s anything she hates more than peaceniks it’s Muslims, to whom she attributes a great deal of the world’s ills. Debbie latched onto this “Ismail” meme like a barracuda on a diver’s leg. Having googled the killer’s name, Cho Seung-hui, she came upon some Flickr photos — posted by an Indonesian woman, in an album titled “My Family” — of someone with a very similar name, who also went under the name “Ismail.” She posted all the photos on her blog, and asked: “Is This ‘Ismail’ Cho Seung-Hui?”

Short answer: No. To begin with, the killer and this “Ismail” don’t look anything like each other. You would have to really want to believe they’re the same person in order to defy the visual evidence that they are two different people. Secondly, the woman who posted the photos, and who knows the person involved, has denied it is the same person, asked people to stop harrassing both her and the other “Ismail,” and is clearly (and justifiably) horrified by the unwanted attention.

That isn’t enough for our determined Debbie, who clearly has an Agenda that needs to be appeased. She wants to know how the kiler got to be such a good marksman, and writes: “So who is Ismail? Is he Cho-Seung Hui? Why did Eldarossell suddenly remove his photo? Just asking.”

The answers, in the order asked, are: We don’t know who “Ismail” is — and neither do you, Debbie. What we do know, however, is that he clearly isn’t the same person as the Indonesian woman’s friend — and that the photo was removed because she didn’t want to cause an innocent person grief. Which is more than anyone can say about Ms. Schlussel.

Can is really be true that some people are so fixated on their swinish agendas that they’d be willing to endanger the welfare — and even the life — of someone who is entirely blameless, and totally unconnected from the horrific events of the past 24 or so hours? My opinion of the neocons has always been quite low, as my regular readers will attest: but it was never this low.

Schlussel’s post is an outrage. It is the equivalent of a violent assault on an innocent person and her family, and it needs to stop. Why doesn’t the brainless bimbo take that sh*t down? Is she really that clueless — or is it sheer viciousness?

And to think that this … woman has a fan club!  

Yes, the best humor is unintentional. Gettaloada how she describes herself on her site:

“Attorney, Columnist, and Hip, Conservative Info-Babe Commentator, Debbie Schlussel is the VRWC’s latest and greatest sexy, blonde, and beautiful commentator. With a law degree, MBA, long blonde tresses, and sports acumen to boot, she’s a red-blooded American guy’s dream.”

She’s a blonde on a bum trip. Write her and tell her to get over herself: writedebbie@gmail.com