War Party Pushes California Divestment From Iran

The War Party has been trying to organize a divestment campaign against Iran modeled on the long-running South Africa anti-divestment campaign.

AIPAC alerts us to the fact that the California Iran Divestment Bill will be voted on in the next couple days in the State Senate.

Antiwar.com opposes all government-mandated sanctions and other economic pre-war steps. We urge Californians to contact their state senators and urge them to oppose this bill.

Thanks to Jack Dean at Pension Watch.

5 thoughts on “War Party Pushes California Divestment From Iran”

  1. Sorry I meant that, “I would encourage every CALIFORNIAN to do the same! —

    multi-tasking sucks…

  2. The Divestment Bill applies specifically to retirement funds for public employees. It is not a mandate on private businesses, individuals or mutual funds that are not related to the state government.

    It is legitimate for a state government to consider financial risks in particular investments, particularly if the state government has any fiduciary responsibility in regard to these funds.

    The notion that failing to invest in a particular country is equivalent to the use of force or threat of force is a socialistic notion.

  3. I disagree, Gene.

    This bill is clearly intended to destabilize the government in Iran at the behest of a small but powerful minority here in the US. Furthermore, the ostensible reasons for the divestment are based on accusations that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons and is causing the deaths of US service men and women, claims that have not been verified.

    In any event, it’s just another attempt by zionists to bring the US into a war with Iran, and for that reason alone I oppose it.

  4. I so appreciate antiwar.com, Pension Watch, and others who are urging the citizens of California to oppose any attempt to “sanction” Iran. What a crock is the introduction of this bill.

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