Ron Paul as Buster Douglas – His Triumph Last Night

Ron Paul trumped in last night’s Republican Presidential Candidate Debate in New Hampshire.  His views on Iraq and freedom were shining beacons amidst the black smoke the other candidates emitted.

As the rest of the GOP hopefuls tighten their chains to the war wagon heading over a cliff, Paul’s views will propel him forward.

Every month that Paul remains in the race, he becomes more dangerous to the Establishment.

Ron Paul  is the Buster Douglas candidate.  Douglas was a 42 to 1 underdog when he fought undefeated Mike Tyson in 1990.  The experts thought that the only question was whether Tyson would knock him out in the first, second, or third round.

But Douglas fought tough from the first round.  In round ten, he caught Tyson with a flurry of punches that ended Iron Mike’s reign.

I posted higlights from Paul’s comments on my blog here.