Ron Paul Supporters at DC Antiwar Protest

ANSWER’s lead marchers:

A bored young protestor:

Beefing up for the march:

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12 thoughts on “Ron Paul Supporters at DC Antiwar Protest”

  1. After the dozens of predictions, I am still waiting to see all the bad press generated for Ron Paul as a result of his supporters attending the rally.

    No? Only good press and good reactions? Aw, I guess you have to come up with some other argument against talking to non-libertarians.

  2. Like this convergence of pro-peace forces in Washington, D.C., the same thing was evident at the Texas Straw Poll in Fort Worth, Texas. On Sept. 1, 2007 I got to see Cindy Sheehan again, after last seeing her at Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas. Many of us Paul supporters were in Cindy Sheehan’s peace rally on the lawn outside the Fort Worth Convention Center. Cindy Sheehan and other peace activists gave praise from the peace rally stage to both Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. Thank goodness for the integrity of Cindy Sheehan and Ron Paul.

  3. the presence of Ron Paul, an antiwar republican , gives us a potential to to restore both peace and freedom to both America and to Iraq. This will require most Democrats to demonstrate a great deal of patriotism, putting the welfare of America over mere partisan interests, admittedly a tall order.

    They would have to induce Nancy Pelosi to temporarily step down from the Speaker’s chair and then cross party lines to elect Ron Paul Speaker of the House. With that accomplished enough moderate Republicans might be willing to support an impeachment resolution to remove both Bush and Cheney. Ron Paul would then ascend to the Oval Office and promptly order the troops home, thus ending the war.

    Nancy Pelosi would resume the Speaker’s seat. But the presidential election of 2008 would become wuite a crap shoot, its outcome problematical, with an incumbent in the contest.

    But we must ask, is the freedom of our children worth it? Will it be worth it if it saves numerous hunam lives, which it will? Let’s give it a try.

    Does anyone have a better idea?

    1. Pelosi has a better idea. It’s called selling the party out to AIPAC/PNAC after winning the midterms (not that they hadn’t already sold out before that or anything…) and then green-lighting a war with Iran.

  4. What was missing from the Ron Paul attendence at the national antiwar protest was the Ron Paul GOP corporation signs! The rEVOLution invited Ron Paul and while it’s good to know the man Ron Paul appreciates the invitation, the TRUTH is the rEVOLution, as witnessed by the photograph, is BIGGER than Ron Paul, who would have been recipicated in appreciation had his campaign PLANNED to attend and join the rEVOLution at the protest.

  5. Now that you know that marching in a parade that was initiated by leftists won’t give you cooties, or whatever it is you thought would happen, is there any chance Ron Paul himself could address the next rally? Or are you going to depend merely on Republicans coming to their senses? I understand you want Dems and Independents to change registration so they can vote for RP in the Repub primary. Well, where do you think you’re going to find them? Like it or not, the antiwar movement IS your core constituency, and not just the paleolibertarian intellectual portion of it, either. You’ll never win — not in 2008 or in 2012 — if you focus primarily on softening up hard-headed nationalists of the Giuliani-McCain mold.

  6. hi everyone,

    I live in california but I’ll be visiting DC over the veteran’s day weekend. Does anyone know if there will be an anti-war protest or a pro-palestine/anti-occupation rally during that time?


  7. Isn't it interesting that the true peace activists are on the right? The only activists not under the thumb of the Israel Lobby, with liberal exceptions like the rare Cindy Sheehan (who I am honored to have worked with at Crawford in her first protest, and in Ft. Worth at the Ron Paul straw poll effort), are right-wingers like us folks at

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