44 thoughts on “Dilbert on Ahmadinejad”

  1. being “had”

    Americans elected the Bushmeister, twice…

    As for Adams, if he wrote that then he is just as crazy as Bush. We might as well go and kill everyone that we do not like or agree with. Hey, aren’t we doing that already?

    “F**king idiot”? We have more than enough of them over here running our government.

  2. Looking at the comments on that Dilbert blog it lloks like most people believe that Ahamdinejad has said he would wipe Israel off the map. I even recall reading the same thing in The New Yorker a few weeks ago, except that article said that Ahmadinejad voiced this claim many times.

    It’s amazing how widespread this misconception is. Here’s a link explaining what Ahmadinejad actually said: http://www.antiwar.com/orig/norouzi.php?articleid=11025

    It turns out Scott Adams tongue in cheek account is closer to the truth than most people on this matter.

  3. if the bush attacked iran it will be his waterloo–they are ready for him this time –it will be the end of america as a world power–what is scary is the US RUNNING OUT OF OIL–not iran

    1. Oh yeah, the US should be really scared of Iran! And just how many aircraft carrier battle groups do they have? How many submarines carrying a multitude of intercontinental ballistic missiles does Iran have? How many B-2 bombers? Oh yeah! I’m REALLY scared of Iran.

      Now, you know what I am really scared of? Radical left wing liberals who have their head in the sand and can’t recognize the grave danger posed by Islamic Fascists like Ahmadinajad. Radical leftists like that are actually so deluded they still think Islam is a peaceful religion and think if only we “talk” to the radical jihadists they will leave us alone. Left wingers like that hate this country and actually root for it to lose wars. But yet they have the nerve to live here and enjoy all the fruits of its prosperity.

      1. Tim R…you are a moron.
        And Christianity is such a peaceful religion too….no wars have been started by Christians…just the Crusades, the 30 years war, WW1, WW2, This Iraq war (dont say they started it on 9/11, that would be like saying Honduras was responsible for Poncho Villa)…I am more worried by Christian Fascists than Islamic Fascists….Maybe I am misreading your post and that you are trying to be funny like the Dilbert guy..in which case you need to lay it on thicker…but I hear those exact comments from so many people I am just not sure anymore.

      2. It’s a shame that you don’t see that the agression comes from our side, the western world. Iran’s nuclear weapons program is far fare more open than say Israels and so far not a shred of evidence has been provided of a weapons program.
        Iran is a contiunation of the PNAC empire that marched and permenently occupied Iraq. How’s that for a liberation?
        There is no war against terrorism, it’s total bogus.

        And of course Iran would inititially be defeated, there military wouldn’t stand a chance, but the occupation after that is what would be impossible to handle.

        And Ahmadinajad is not even really that powerful. Do you even research the stuff you’re claiming or is it just the normal media brainwash?

        And this is not taking sides with the theocrats in Iran, it’s about putting an end to a foreign policy that ends up in one disaster after another. I have no wish for it to never end.

        “We’re an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality…”

      3. And just how many aircraft carrier battle groups do they have? How many submarines carrying a multitude of intercontinental ballistic missiles does Iran have? How many B-2 bombers? Oh yeah! I’m REALLY scared of Iran.

        Right, and who can put more troops on the ground if it comes down to a shooting war? You should be afraid of Iran because, in the worst case, the remaining soldiers we have might have to walk out of Iraq through Kuwait or Turkey to get home.

      4. Tim get your head out of your ass, you are the typical jackass American. Wow are army is soooo powerful lets bomb everyone. You cant even beat an un-coordinated insurgencie against a country who has been under UN sanctions for over ten years before your invasion, who’s military capabilities were all but wiped out in the first Gulf War. Your army has been grinded to at the minimum a halt, by a bunch of “terrorists” with old ass ak’s and IED’s. IED’s!!!those stand Improvised Explosive Devices. Key word here Improvised. In other words your big tough American humvess and Bradley Fighting vehicles that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars are being taking out by bombs that cost practically nothing.Technology does not conquer all. Anyone who can get their hands on some explosives can blow some S*** up! Since your brilliant leaders decided to get rid of the Iraqi army, there is lots of guys out there now who know how to make bombs.hmmmm maybe thats who is making these IED’s. Wow what an idea. Now you want to attack a Country 3 times the size and population of iraq with a large army. A secondary army and a huge volunteer militia, and also controls a passage where a bunch of oil flows through everyday.Real smart real smart,Americans need to stop buying their own propaganda its embarressing to the rest of us.

  4. With the fresh repetition of what “Ahmadinejad said bad” you do have to dig deep.
    Here is a very fresh, and no doubt intentional feed:
    by a someone by the name: AMY WESTFELDT
    (Columbia U. to let Iran president speak)

    SHE writes, currently: [Ahmadinejad has called the Holocaust “a myth” and called for Israel to be “wiped off the map.”]

    This is needed, all the lies and bad truths to stir the winds, to consolidate the “value voters” and those who do not know.
    Maybe the American soldiers will finally attack Iran – because this is the goal.

  5. Tim: right, our big swinging missiles means we always win eh? ever hear of asymmetrical warfare? not sure if you’ve been keeping up with current events but we’re getting our ass handed to us in Iraq by a resistance armed with AK-47s and IEDs. and Iran will make Iraq look like a leisurely stroll in the park on a balmy Sunday afternoon.

    anyway, this pending Iran fiasco and our meddling and warmongering in the ME in general has bupkis to do with “radical jihadists” and everything to do with stealing resources and giving the Cheney administration an excuse to use our Constitution as toilet paper.

    now go wash your sheets bedwetter.

    1. If our “meddling in the Middle East” has everything to do with stealing resources can you please explain something to me? On Sept. 11 2001, I believe 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi Arabians. Bin Laden is a Saudi. Saudi Arabia has more oil than it knows what to do with. So were we stealing the natural resources of Saudi Arabia? Is that why these Saudis were so angry? Is that what you really think?

      Why don’t you read the Quran or simply LISTEN to what Bin Laden and his folks say in their OWN WORDS. They want the whole world to be under radical Islamic Law. They tell us in no uncertain terms that if we convert to Islam then they will make peace with us. Why won’t you wake up to this fact?

      1. Saudis were angry because we had military bases in their country, among other grievances.

        Can you make a plausible case that we’re permanently occupying Iraq for any other reason than controlling/stealing their oil? Before you answer, go read up on Peak Oil.

        And I don’t give a good goddamn what Bin Laden (who’s likely dead anyway) or his sympathisers or his Quran says. They don’t have the power to do anything but pull off an occasional terror attack. I’m far more worried about what OUR OWN “leaders” are doing to this country. They “hate us for our freedoms”? I call bulls**t. Noone apparently hates our freedoms more than the Shrub adminstration as their daily assaults on the Constitution make crystal clear.

        Here’s a thought: let’s stop invading and occupying countries that are NO THREAT to us, stop propping up murderous dictators and shabby little apartheid state Israel and we’d be going very far in drying up support for Muslim extremism.

        1. Dan you say that this administration is shredding the Constitution? Read up on your history my man. President Abraham Lincoln did things that would make George W. Bush look like a kindly old kindergarten teacher. For heavens sake, Lincoln unilaterally suspended the Writ of Habeas corpus and would lock people up for publicly going against his administration. And why? Because it was a WAR and Lincoln knew he had to take drastic action.

          Simiilary, FDR rounded up thousands of Japanese American CITIZENS because he believed it was necessary to our national security. This action was later UPHELD by the US Supreme Court in the case of Korematzu v. The United States. As the Court said “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.”

          What liberals like you don’t understand is that these Muslim radicals don’t care if your republican or democrat, liberal or conservative, they will KILL you on sight. Come on already.

          And as for Israel, your right about one thing, if we withdrew all our money and support from Israel, perhaps the Muslim radicals would hate us just a little bit less. But you know what? Why should we? Israel is the only country in the region that has even a basic respect for freedom of religion, freedom of speech and due process of law. We share the same ideals of Constitutional democracy, so why SHOULDNT we support them?!

        2. Oh come on! Surely this is a joke?

          You write: “Israel is the only country in the region that has even a basic respect for freedom of religion, freedom of speech and due process of law. We share the same ideals of Constitutional democracy, so why SHOULDNT we support them?!”

          Let’s take this one by one:

          1) Israel has zero respect for Muslim or Christian religious practices, locking down over a million Muslims during their holiest month and locking down Bethlehem and destroying their Christmas traditions for going on three years now. Israel routinely destroys Muslim holy places. A large part of Israel’s wretched birth involved the destruction of mosques and shrines throughout Palestine to make way for Jewish villages and synagogues.

          2) Israel threw a man in jail for 20 years because they didn’t want him to speak. Free speech? Arab MKs that dare speak out against Israeli state crimes are shouted down as traitors and their lives literally threatened by their Jewish colleages.

          3) Try explaining Israel’s due process of law to the thousands of Palestinian prisoners (many of them children under 18) who languish in Israeli prisons without charge. Tell that to the Palestinian politicians who are targeted for assassinated by Israeli death squads using bullets, tank projectiles and airborne missiles (and tell that to the “collateral damage” that inevitably fall victim during such attacks). Tell the cripples crushed inside their homes when Israeli bulldozers aribitrarily decide to tear them down about Israeli due process.

          Israel has neither a Constitution nor a democracy. Israel is a religious police state not unlike Iran, as far as its Palestinian guests are concerned. You forget about this little detail known as The Occupation. Israel’s so called “democracy” is predicated on Jewish superiorty and de facto second class status to it’s non-Jewish inhabitants.

          Quit joking around, son. We’re trying to have an adult discussion here.

  6. Iran has not invaded any country for over 225 years. However back in 1815, USA was making lots mischief.
    “War against Algeria was declared by Congress. The dey of Algiers had molested U.S. ships and insisted on payment of tribute.

    The war against Algeria and the Barbary Coast pirates ended when a peace treaty was signed with the dey of Algiers. It was followed by similar treaties with Tunis on July 26 and Tripoli on August 5. The treaties, exacted by Commodore Stephen Decatur, required the pirates to cease their hostile acts, free all American prisoners, and compensate the U.S. for vessels seized. ”
    If only we knew the truth–did USA make this another black flag operation ? When crooks and liars get away with many crimes,the more they get bold. 911 was the biggest con job and what else is planned for us next- Bomb Bomb Iran ?

    1. Well, maybe Iran may have not invaded other countries but they have most certainly attacked othter countires. People have such SHORT memories. In 1979 it was Islamic Radicals in IRAN that siezed our embassy and took our citizens hostage. In my book thats an act of war. Also, people forget the 241 US Marines who were killed in Beirut by Hezbollah, a terrorist group that had and has the full backing and support of Iran.

        1. Well, I first will agree with you on one thing: What we did by overthrowing their government in 1953 was wrong and we should not have done it. It was unjustified and a big mistake.

          However, we did not shoot down their aircraft on purpose in 1988. There is no proof to that. And we supported Iraq because at the time we thought they were the lesser of two evils.

          As for as attacking another country: In September 2001 President Bush said we would make no distinction between terrorists and the nations that support and harbor them. And he is exactly correct!

          Iran has been the main sponsor of state terrorism for 25 years. Read the 9.11 Commission Report, Iran gave safe transit to several of the 9/11 hijackers and were anxious to help Al Quida, although Al Quida rebuffed their offers. This is in addition to Iran’s 1979 and 1983 attacks on our Citizens and Marines.

          In my view, any country that supports radical Islamic terrrorism has already declared war on us and we ought to wake up and start defending ourselves.

        2. Tim R.,

          You will not find any traction here whatsoever, in any way, shape, or form, under any conditions in any circumstances both imagined and real under both normal and narcotic induced mental states, with the kind of nonsense you proffer.

          You seem to prefer to discuss ways to get us into war, while we denizens of AntiWar.Com prefer to discuss ways to keep us OUT.

          Please, don’t waste your time here.

        3. Well, if we do get into a war with Iran at least we know one thing: No gays in Iran will get killed. Iranian Pres. Ahmadinejad spoke at Colombia University and declared that contrary to popular belief, there ARE no gays in Iran!

          Phew! Thats a relief!

        4. I see you, like everyone else itching for war with Iran, are also pushing this goofy and quite minor line to demonstrate Ahmadinejad’s overall kookiness. His other comments today stand alone as the reasonable responses they are.

  7. I’ve always loved Scott Adams for his ‘Dilbert’ strip, and now I love him even more!

    But now that Adams has exposed himself as a dissenter from the Saintly Israel orthodoxy, I wonder how long it will be before Dershowitz and Pipes manage to get ‘Dilbert’ banned from our newspapers.

  8. Note to Scott Adams:

    You have your own blog…post your sarcastic stuff over there.

    There is no need to create a similar moronic phony personality to post here with.

    Or at least come up with a funnier name than “Tim R”…maybe “dinglebert”?

    1. I think there are several people here who don’t know humor or sarcasm when it shoots them in the face.

      Or…how the internet works at all.

  9. What’s most remarkable about Adams’ take on Iran is that he’s generally a hawk, as expressed in his follow-up post and this 1999 interview with Virginia Postrel. If even Scott Adams and Christopher “Kill ‘Em All” Hitchens oppose war with Iran, then who’s for it? Well, the idiotic armchair “patriots” who favor every war, of course, Rapture-ready evangelicals, and partisans of a certain country that it’s a hate crime to describe as anything other than “the only democracy in the Middle East.”

    1. Sounds like he may have changed his position, unless there is later evidence of his hawkishness than 1999.

      Adams sounds more like he has made a total shift, as opposed to former war-supporters.

      Although it is not the norm, there are some neocons like American Conservative publishers Scott McConnell and Ron Unz who did 180-degree shifts after realizing that we were attacked because of our foreign policy.

      I’d like to give Adams the benefit of the doubt and hope that he has also made this shift.

      1. I just meant that Adams’ hawkishness, which is evident in his follow-up, increases the interest factor of his excellent Ahmadinejad post in a man-bites-dog sort of way. And Hitchens is anything but a former war-supporter. He’s still burping and gasping the Iraq war’s praises over at Slate. Which, again, makes it noteworthy that even he thinks war with Iran is a dumb idea.

    2. You forgot to include democrats in the proud tradition of FDR, Harry S. Truman, and JFK. They were liberal democrats on social issues but they were very strong on national security and defending our country. Sad to say, they probably would not even recognize the democratic party of today.

      1. Tim R., why do you read Antiwar.com? You are totally out of sync with those of us who read it regularily. And if you have read it for any length of time, it would be impossible for you to expouse the views you hold.

        1. Why do I read Antiwar.com? I read it because I like to hear the other side of things. Even though I disagree with much of what is written on it, I still may learn a thing or two. And I would like to better understand why some of my fellow American’s don’t seem to want to recognize that we are at war with a dangerous and insidious enemy.

          And when I say at war I don’t mean in Iraq. I mean that we are at war with Radical Islam, Muslim Fascists who are trying to turn the western world into a religious theocracy. I want to better understand why some Americans don’t understand what I see as a plain and self-evident fact.

        2. Tim R.,

          I’m an Arab and a Muslim, born and raised in the US of A. Not a practicing Muslim, but then if a Caliphate was to somehow miraculously be instated here in the US I suppose I would stand more likely to benefit because of what I guess would be my Islamic birthright.

          But I think you should know for your own sanity that I would resist any attempt to instate Islamic Sharia law where I live as much as the Iraqis are resisting our attempts to subjugate them in their country.

          I would fight these people as I would fight ANYONE who would try to come into MY neighborhood and MY home to tell me how I should live my f**king life.

          So trust me, brother. It ain’t going to happen, even if they somehow had the wherewithall to attempt it.

          Far be it from me to tell you how to think, but consider for a moment that you’ve been gullible and allowed yourself to be taken advantage of by people who find you useful insofar as they can trick you into evangelizing the propaganda that they need to disseminate in order to consolidate their own power.

          In other words, you might be a Useful Idiot. Just consider the possibility…

      2. So what threat to our national security does Iran pose? Do you really believe that Iran is threatening our country?

        You should also know that Iran’s nuclear program is not a nuclear weapons program. It is subject to IAEA suprevision and they have not enriched uranium to anywhere near the level needed for a bomb (3-5% vs 95% for a bomb). Morevoer, they cannot enrich it to such a concentration without the IAEA detecting it.

        Take a look at Gordon Prather’s columns or the AntiWar.com Radio interviews if you don’t believe me. Dr. Prather was the US Army’s chief scientist. He says it’s impossible for Iran to do so without being detected.

  10. I thought liberals believed in having a civilized discussion. I thought a robust, open, and vigourus exchange of ideas were something people on the “left” supported.

    So I ask you: Why have there been so many personal attacks on me? Just because I disagree with much of what is written on this site I am insulted and hit withn nasty, personal, ad hominom attacks.

    I think if you folks are confident of your positions you would not feel the need to engage in these petty, immature, personal attacks.

    Grow up people. This is a democracy. We will sometimes disagree with each other. But why can’t we agree to disagree, without being disagreeable?

    1. Agreeing to disagree is what got us in this mess. You need to understand that you and your ideas are wrong. It’s up to you to figure out why.

      It’s not cute that you label people “liberals” when you are presented with a set of beliefs that don’t match your own. Did you even bother to read any of the content of this site?

      There is no black or white: only shades of gray. Learn to see.

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