Justin Raimondo on the Cover!

A few months ago I attended a conference in Las Vegas and saw copies of Liberty Watch magazine for the first time. I was impressed. I had seen their online articles linked from various libertarian websites, but I had no idea how well-produced the print magazine is.

Liberty Watch is monthly and in it’s third year of publication. It is an average 60 pages of full-color, slick, extra-high-quality paper with lots of photos and ads. It has a few thousand paid subscribers, but most readers get it free. It is mailed to Nevada decision-makers, small businesses, and lists of conservative voters. It is also distributed at community events, political rallies, and business gatherings.

And the latest issue has … Justin Raimondo on the cover!

The interview with Justin is lively and interesting, along with some current photos of Justin (and he shows he is still smoking).

19 thoughts on “Justin Raimondo on the Cover!”

  1. Hey buddy,
    can you spare a dime? or maybe a dimebag? He looks like he’s begging. I know that’s not kind.

    I know you are looking at the photo and thinking, his expression is one of, “What has happened to our country?”

    Be proud if you wish, but don’t show mom, she might get worried.

    Not a Nevada Decision Maker.

  2. I think his pose suggests “What the f&#$ happened to America?”.
    After reading/listening to antiwar.com I feel the same way (I’m Australian).

  3. I deeply admire Justin Raimondo, but he does look a little strange in this cover photo. Are those cheek implants? And did this photographer use a fish-eye lense or something? Furthermore, the lighting is like, I dunno – one of those scenes where the interrogator is yelling, “Confess!”

    Anyway, Justin, don’t worry: we love you for your incisive mind, total disregard of conformity, tireless investigative reporting, laser-sharp writing, and keen sense of justice.

  4. As someone who is, admittedly, hardly an oil painting myself — which explains my aversion to cameras of all kinds — I think there’s nothing wrong with Justin’s photo. He looks thoughtfully puzzled and understandably exasperated and, yes, maybe a little weary. He’s richly entitled to all of those sentiments.

    God bless you, Justin. You’re indispensable, as is AWC.

    1. Like Justin, you too are indispensable Will Grigg. Until I listened to your interviews on Antiwar radio and started reading your columns I never knew that anyone in JBS valued civil liberties. You, Paul Craig Roberts, and Pat Buchanan are a breath of fresh air among conservatives.

      Having been briefed on Naomi Wolf’s latest book, it looks like everyone is starting to follow the lead set by paleoconservatives, even formerly strident feminists/statists like Wolf.

  5. I’da never connected this picture with Raimondo’s antiwar.com picture, as if that matters. Long may his keyboard click!

  6. Waay Kooool article!

    I never notice the picture on the cover, unless it’s Playboy, anyway.

    What I love about Justin is his mind!

    I thought it was an excellent interview.

  7. Does Raimondo acknowledge that the Iraqis have every right to attempt to expel the foreign troops occupying their country by any means necessary?

    Just wondering.

    1. If a photo is enough to make you stop visiting the site, you need to go. I had no idea that Antiwar.com had visitors this stupid. It makes me wonder why I do this work.

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